Best Alternate Study Spots at Pitt

study spots at Pitt

Whether they like it or not, most Pitt students spend more time than they’d like to admit at Hillman library. But there are plenty of other places to study at Pitt.  Especially around midterms and finals, this place is packed with stressed out college students– sometimes making it a difficult place to relax and hit the books or even just find a place to sit. Here are some alternative study spots to break up the Hillman monotony.

Phipps Cafe

1 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Study Spots at Pitt

Located just a five minute walk from the center of Pitt’s campus, Phipps Conservatory is a great getaway in the middle of Oakland. With tables outside and a cafe just inside the front doors, it’s a great place to study with friends or grab a bite to eat. If you need a study break, your Pitt ID gets you into the Conservatory for free– take a scenic nature walk and return to your studies minutes later.

Carnegie Library

4400 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Study Spots at Pitt

This public library is right across the street from Hillman, on the opposite side of Schenley plaza. It offers a nice change of scenery from the sea of wooden tables and chairs at Hillman– with comfy plush chairs and lots of homey rooms to help you focus. There’s also a Cafe Mocha counter on the ground floor.

Schenley Plaza

4100 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Study Spots at Pitt

On sunny days or in warmer weather, the best place to study is at one of the many tables lining Schenley Plaza. This spot has everything– a front-row view of the Cathedral, a shady side as well as a sunny side, and a string of food kiosks and coffee shops to fill all your study-snack and caffeine needs.

Art History Library

650 Schenley Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Study Spots at Pitt

Just inside the Frick Fine Arts building, this library is illuminated mostly by natural lighting, courtesy of it’s many windows and tall ceilings. This study spot always has open seats, especially with inside balconies with additional tables and chairs. On a sunny day, check out the open-air courtyard garden in the center of the building.

Top of the Cathedral of Learning

4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Study Spots at Pitt

At the 39th floor of the cathedral is the Honor College library– open to everyone and complete with some of the best views of Pittsburgh you can find in the entire city. This space has everything. It’s quiet, comfortable, roomy, and private enough that you’ll be able to focus without losing your mind to boredom. And what better place for a Pitt student to study than Cathy? H2P!

What are your favorite study spots at Pitt?

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