Football games are some of the best memories any Pitt student could have. From the unpredictable Penn State rivalry to cheering on legends like James Conner to belting Sweet Caroline with the Pitt Band, Pitt students never mind taking buses and crossing bridges to reach our beloved Heinz Stadium. Here are some ways to prepare for the big day.

Show Your Pitt Pride

The University Store on Fifth

Game Day at Pitt

  • Otherwise known as the campus bookstore, this place is located on Fifth Ave of the Schenley Quad. It has all of your basic spirit wear, hats, and accessories, and they even accept Panther Funds.

The Pitt Shop

Game Day at Pitt

  • Located on Forbes Ave, this store has a bit more of a selection than the University Store, though it’s located only a few feet away on the other side of the Schenley Quad.

T-shirt Cart

Game Day at Pitt

  • This cart has a huge variety of T-shirts and apparel that the other stores don’t carry. It’s not affiliated with the University, but it’s owner, Chaz, employs tons of students and even has a partnership with the Pitt Pathfinders.


Game Day at Pitt

  • Living on the budget of a broke college student? Grab an old yellow or navy colored shirt and get creative with a pair of scissors. Most students cut their tees into different styles for game day anyway. If you still want to wear your Pitt logo, grab a cheap pair of face stickers from the University store.


Get to the Game

game day at Pitt

Home Games

If Pitt is playing a home game, there is no question of where to watch the game. Heinz Stadium is also home of the Steelers, and offers a stunning view of the city skyline from inside the stadium– making even the nosebleeds a great place to be. If you’re a student, get there by taking the shuttle buses outside of the Cathedral on Bigelow Blvd. They’ll take you to the Point, from which you cross over the Fort Duquesne bridge to the other side of the river, two block away from the stadium.

Away Games

Though there are usually game-day watch parties for bigger events like the Pitt vs. PSU game, for the typical away game your best bet is to settle into one of Oakland’s many sports bars located along the main drag of Forbes Ave.

Hemingway’s Cafe

3911 Forbes Ave, Open 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. everyday except Sunday

Game Day at Pitt

? Voted Best College Bar in Pittsburgh and Best Bar by the Pitt News.


3716 Forbes Ave, Open 11:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. Thurs-Sat, 11:30 a.m. – 12 a.m. Sun-Weds

Game Day at Pitt

? Create your own burgers and tons of TV screens for game viewing.

Post-game Eats


342 N. Shore Dr

Game Day at Pitt

If you can’t wait to get back to Oakland before chowing down, grab a burger from this North Shore restaurant before heading back to campus.

Fuel and Fuddle

212 Oakland Ave

11 a.m.-1 a.m. every day of the week

Game Day at Pitt

This place is a five minute walk from campus and boasts a fun atmosphere with lots of classic pub food. It’s hugely popular among students looking for a lively late-night bite.


233 Atwood St.

11:30 a.m.-2:30 a.m. every day except Sunday

Game Day at Pitt

Another late night favorite, this Pitt staple does $6 pizzas like no other, and is the campus favorite by far, especially for the heavily Pitt student populated area of South O.

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