Pittsburgh is a gorgeous city rich in history. Around Halloween, it’s fun to dive deep into the spooky past of our great town. We put together a list of five of the many haunted places around the ‘burgh. Have some more? Just let us know and you may see them in a later post.

1. The Old Allegheny County Jail

Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

A particular suicide in the old jail happened in the early 1900s. The inmate later haunted the cells along the block, lamenting the fact that he was still stuck in his cell. Prisoners were later reported complaining about the wailing at night on the cell block and they asked to be moved. The jail is now part of the courthouse.

2. Chatham University

Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

This one’s super creepy! The woman known as “The Blue Lady of Woodlawn Hall” roams the halls of Chatham, wearing a blue dress of course. The dress allegedly glows and she stares at students as they wake up for class in the morning (yikes!). There’s also been doors slamming for no reason and windows opening and closing on their own.

3. Carnegie Library of Homestead

Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

After the movie IT was released this fall, some libraries have a certain creep factor. The Carnegie Library of Homestead doesn’t disappoint. There have been tales of books flying off the shelves, voices in the silence, hazy figures in the shape of steelworkers pacing back and forth. This of course makes sense as the library was actually a gift to steelworkers years ago. Many say the haunting is due to when a steelworker drowned in the library’s old outdoor pool.

4. Damian’s Grave

Haunted Places in Pittsburgh

Resurrection Cemetery is in Moon Township and on the far edge of the cemetery stands a mysterious grave. The headstone reads: “Damian. This is not goodbye, just so long.” Visitors to the cemetery have been said to see red eyes looking out from the stone between the angles of the cross (which is carved upside down) in the stone. On the day before Halloween years ago four men visited the grave. They shouted horrible things and vandalized the grave. The fourth man felt guilty and condemned the actions and he was the only one that made it home that night—the other three died in a car accident.

5. The OLD Pittsburgh Playhouse

The Old Pittsburgh Playhouse in Oakland and since it was built in 1934, it has been a synagogue, speakeasy, brothel, church and restaurant. There are plenty of ghostly inhabitants like Weeping Eleanor, who sobs at night for the lives of her daughter and she, who were lost in a fire. There’s also the Lady in White, who married in the church that was once at the theater’s site and when she was at the reception downstairs she was shocked to find her husband having an affair with one of the ladies in the brothel upstairs. The Lady in White shot them both then jumped off a balcony to her death. She’s now seeing pacing the playhouse balcony in her wedding dress with a gun in her hand.

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