Pittsburgh has seen hundreds of movies and tv shows filmed here.  Most of them were good.  Some were great.  Some….


5) Jack Reacher 

Take a well-known character, cast his exact opposite. I can’t believe it wasn’t a blockbuster.  The long sniper shots showcase the city well.

4) Striking Distance

Ok, the movie wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good.  However splicing together neighborhoods where you turn right on Mount Washington and are in Lawrenceville is jarring.  I wanted to live in a houseboat after this.

3) Innocent Blood

Is it a comedy, thriller, vampire, erotic, buddy, parody? No one knows but the city is almost a supporting character.  The scene on the incline is worth watching alone.  Oh and the great Don Rickles.

2) Rock Star

How to turn 60 million dollars into 20? Take a great story and turn it into this. It’s bad when the behind the music documentary is better than the movie.

1) Sudden Death

I would have left the theater but I had taken a bus there. Sadly this movie made a lot of money.  The Penguins looked cool and Mike Lange and Paul Steigerwald stole the show.

What’s your favorite (or least favorite) movie made in Pittsburgh?

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