This past Sunday after church probably seemed weird for Greenfield native James Kent.  He usually takes his mother to church and then brunch afterwards.  She was out-of-state visiting her daughter (and Jimmy’s sister), Lisa.  While going to brunch after church is a common and very sweet experience, few mothers and sons have taken brunch to this level of detail and created a nonagenarian viral super star.

Jimmy and Mumma Nieny (as she is known to loved ones) initially went to Eat-n-Park.  While big fans, they eventually decided to branch out.  And branch out they did.  Over the last five years they have visited 285 establishments for Sunday Brunch.

After they decided to try a different place every week, Mumma Nieny decided to keep a notebook.  Initially it was just to rate them so they could go back but eventually it became more.  People started to take notice.


Jimmy is a big social media user both on Facebook and Twitter.  Happy to be with his mother, he began posting pictures and eventually, on a whim, named them “Brunchcapades” and began numbering them.  The responsive was large, positive, and began to build.  The engagement was vigorous, and even suggestive!

Some places began featuring Mumma Nieny and Jimmy on their social media posts and were honored when they visited.  One week they didn’t post and a woman from Argentina reached out to make sure Mumma Nieny and Jimmy were ok and not in ill-health.  This week Jimmy made sure to post a picture of Lisa and his mom so that no one would worry.


Eventually, after a year of visiting different restaurants, they decided to go back to some of their favorites (look for an article about their top 5 soon).  None-the-less they have continued to leave Sunday mass at St. Rosalia and venture forth for sustenance all over the greater Pittsburgh area.  They do not discriminate between greasy spoons and high-end fine dining.  Though often joined by guests, the only constant is Jimmy and Mumma Nieny.

What started as just a boy and his mom going to church and to eat has evolved into a global international phenomenon.  Every Sunday, people pull out their smart phones to see what new adventures have happened in Brunchcapades.


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