Places in The Strip You Must Visit

We noticed you had a lot to say about where to take visitors in the Strip District. We decided to create a post of nine more places to visit in the Strip, as recommended by you. If you have more favorite places, let us know in the comments!

1. Roland’s Seafood Grill

in the Strip District

Roland’s Seafood Grill and Iron Landing have been a Strip District staple for years. They are home to mouthwatering crab cakes, lobster ravioli and more. Their patio seating is great for spring and summer dining. Roland’s has been a part of the Strip District for over 60 years. More information on Roland’s can be found here.

2. Strip District Meats

in the Strip District

Any meat lover will find themselves feeling elated when they see the wide array of meats available. Did you know that in addition to the typical beef, pork and chicken, Strip District Meats sells exotic meats like elk, buffalo, venison, elk, alligator and rattlesnakes. More information on Strip District Meats can be found here.

3. Penzey’s Spices

in the Strip District

Penzey’s operates its spice shops all over the country, including one location in the Strip. With more spices than you can count, there are options for any sort of food you’re setting out to make, including a chicken soup base, Parisian seasoning for items like Cornish game hens and their own brand of cinnamon. More information on Penzey’s Spices can be found here.

4. Pennsylvania Libations

in the Strip District

Pennylvania Libations connects distillers, individuals and small businesses alike to help them experience, preserve and grow their businesses, all involving Pennsylvania spirits. The company offers tastings Monday through Friday and they last about 20 minutes. Individuals and groups up to five can schedule tastings, but all must be age 21+. Tastings are free, which makes for a fun way to let out-of-towners get the experience without breaking the bank. More information on Pennsylvania Libations can be found here.

5. Penn Ave. Fish Company

in the Strip District

The Penn Ave. Fish Company is a fun, informal spot with plenty of opportunities for sampling sushi and daily catches. Wednesday through Saturday from 4-6 p.m., the restaurant hosts an oyster happy hour (it is BYOB). There are also classic fish sandwiches, fish tacos and plenty of seafood-based soups like chowder, bisques and gumbos. More information on the Penn Ave. Fish Company can be found here.

6. The Enrico Biscotti Company

in the Strip District

Enrico Biscotti is especially good during the holiday season, as their Italian cookies and cakes are perfect for Christmastime. There’s also pizza and pasta available in a cozy cafe and bakery. Enrico Biscotti also offers bread making and pizza making classes. More information on The Enrico Biscotti Company can be found here.

7. S&D Polish Deli

in the Strip District

Every Polish delicacy you can think of is found in S&D Polish Deli on Penn Ave. From kielbasa to pierogies to chrusciki and kolaczki, there’s all kinds of food to enjoy. The deli’s lunch menu includes borsch soup, haluski, stews and sandwiches. More information on S&D Polish Deli can be found here. 

8. Colangelo’s

in the Strip District

The cozy Italian bakery is a little nook perfect for amazing Italian pastries like a mean sfogliatelle. Colangelo’s also serves breakfast croissants with ham, cheese, egg or spinach and a wide array of muffins and cookies. The restaurant also serves pizzas and pastas and loaves of ciabatta or focaccia bread. More information on Colangelo’s can be found here.

And if you’re still hungry… here’s a couple places to eat in the Strip.  For the history buffs… here’s a brief history of the Strip District.

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