Squirrel Hill is a friendly, close-knit neighborhood. There’s plenty to do, including eating delicious pizza at Mineo’s, dessert at Waffallonia or shopping for collectibles at Jerry’s Records. Here are five of the many things to do in Squirrel Hill.

1. Eat at Mineo’s

Things to do in Squirrel Hill

The Squirrel Hill location of Mineo’s is the original shop John Mineo opened in 1958. Mineo’s pizza is traditional, hand-tossed, thin crust pizza with their signature cheese. They even offer gluten free pies. More information on Mineo’s can be found here.

2. Grab a cup of joe at the Commonplace Coffeehouse

Things to do in Squirrel Hill

This coffee shop has a cozy and relaxing vibe. They’ve been in the Squirrel Hill area since May 2010. Their artisanal lattes are paired well with gluten free donuts. Their cookies are sweet bits of heaven too. More information on Commonplace Coffeehouse can be found here.

3. Check out Jerry’s Records

Things to do in Squirrel Hill

Named one of Rolling Stone’s best record shops, Jerry’s Records has thousands of LPs on sale for low prices. The Murray Ave. shop has lots of rare and collectible 45s for sale as well. It recently made our list of hidden gems in Pittsburgh. More information on Jerry’s Records can be found here.

4. Get dessert at Waffallonia

Things to do in Squirrel Hill

Sometimes, when you’re craving dessert, there’s nothing better than an authentic Liege sugar waffle with fresh toppings. There’s nothing better than a warm waffle with Nutella drizzled on top and some freshly sliced bananas. More information on Waffallonia can be found here. 

5. Eat at NU | A Modern Jewish Bistro

Things to do in Squirrel Hill

Squirrel Hill has deep Jewish roots and the NU Modern Jewish Bistro pays homage to them. The bistro is only open weekends and serves items with both Jewish and non-Jewish foods. There’s brisket and eggs, shakshuka and more. The relaxing bistro is a great place to grab a quick bite with friends.  More information on NU Modern Jewish Bistro can be found here. 

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