9 More Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

Pittsburgh is full of wonderful hidden gems. Here are nine more around the area to check out, including a rum distillery, nostalgic candy shop and park with lots of trails.

1. Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

Did you know there’s a rum distillery right here in the city? Maggie’s was born only 6 years ago in 2013 but since then it’s racked up lots of prestigious awards, including Pennsylvania Distillery of the Year, Best in Class Rum and more, making them one of the most awarded distilleries in the U.S. Maggie’s hosts bottle sales and tastings as well as cocktail service hours. More information on Maggie’s Farm Run Distillery can be found here.

2. Prototype

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

A DIY “feminist maker space” near Bloomfield gives women a chance to visit and attend events like a salary negotiation discussion or take a class in 3D modeling. Prototype’s mission is to build gender and racial equality in fields like technology and entrepreneurship. They do this through workshops and having high-tech tools and equipment on hand. More information on Prototype can be found here.

3. Row House Cinema

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

This Butler St. movie theater is a small, 83-seat single screen theater. It’s located in a historic row house. The theater opened five years ago in 2014 with the movie Pulp Fiction. It typically shows obscure and older movies but often shows new and popular ones as well. Best of all, the theater is next door to Bierport, a craft bottle shop with over 900 beers (that can be chilled in just minutes and brought into the theater!). More information on Row House Cinema can be found here.

4. Maxo Vanka’s Murals

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area
Photo by Post Gazette

Artist Maxo Vanka created over two dozen murals at St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Millvale in 1937 and ’41. He returned in 1951 to add five symbols of Christianity in the choir loft area. Vanka’s murals do display faith but also add his beliefs regarding such issues as social justice and preserving the cultural identity of immigrants. Throughout the decades the murals have been in existence, they have remained unaltered. More information on Maxo Vanka’s murals can be found here.

5. Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

Unbelievable amounts of bulk and nostalgic candy abound at this candy shop on Penn Ave. Clark Bars, Jujyfruits, Razzles and more are just a few of the candy from your youth at the shop. Grandpa Joe’s has previously been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show and Live with Kelly & Ryan, among other shows. More information on Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop can be found here.

6. Zoo Brew

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium hosts Zoo Brew events throughout the year. There’s the Oktoberfest in the fall and a Spring Hops event too. The Spring Hops event includes beer samples from a variety of breweries as well as live music and up-close animal encounters. More information on Zoo Brew at the Pittsburgh Zoo can be found here

7. Photo Antiquities Museum

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

The Photo Antiquities Museum showcases the history of photography. Its latest exhibit opened in November, called “The Golden Age of Flying.” Expect to see archives from a half million photos from all over the world. There are also thousands of cameras on display dating from 1888’s first Kodak camera. The museum is located at 531 East Ohio Street near historic Deutschtown on the North Side. More information on the Photo Antiquities Museum can be found here.

8. Jerry’s Records

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

Did you know this Squirrel Hill record shop was named one of Rolling Stone magazine’s Best Record Stores in the U.S.A.? For one week every April, Jerry’s sells over 10,000 LPs for only $1. The store also has hundreds of rare and collectible 45s toward the front of the store. More information on Jerry’s Records can be found here.

9. Robin Hill Park

Hidden Gems in the Pittsburgh Area

This Coraopolis Park includes 200 acres of walking trails, gardens and a Georgian-style home available for event rentals. There’s also a Fleur de Lune Garden and an authentic log home from the 1800s. Robin Hill Park is located off of Thorn Run Rd. More information on Robin Hill Park can be found here.

There are all kinds of great places in and around Pittsburgh to visit…  we’ve put together 9 more hidden gems here, and 7 Hidden gems right here for you to enjoy!!

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