9 More Hidden Gems in Pittsburgh You May Have Missed

We all know Pittsburgh is a special place.  It’s been a while since our first hidden gems post, so here are 9 more hidden gems in Pittsburgh you definitely want to check out!

1. Gravity Hill

At the intersection of McKinney Road and Kummer Road in Wexford, PA lies Gravity Hill. Stop at a stop sign on Kummer Road, put your car in neutral and it will look and feel like you’re actually rolling uphill. The interesting phenomenon is most likely an optical illusion, yet some wonder if it’s some sort of glitch in the Earth’s gravitational field. Take a ride and decide for yourself! Find directions to Gravity Hill here.

2. St. Anthony’s Chapel

No need to visit Italy—St. Anthony’s Chapel in Troy Hill contains over 5,000 relics—the largest collection of Catholic relics outside the Vatican. The chapel is home to rare artifacts like pieces of Jesus’ cross and Apostles’ bones. St. Anthony’s offers audio tours certain days of the week. More information on St. Anthony’s Chapel can be found here.

3. Old Allegheny County Jail Museum

There is a docent that is on hand to tell the story of the jail. A section of cell blocks has been preserved as the museum. The museum was created from a grant from the Drue Heinz Trust to the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation (in cooperation with the Allegheny County Juvenile Court and Ed Urban, curator/former deputy warden. Tours are free. More information on the museum can be found here.

4. Trinity Cathedral Cemetery

The cemetery is one of the oldest unreconstructed sites in Pittsburgh and home to nearly 4,000 graves. Some of Pittsburgh’s earliest leaders are buried in the cemetery, including Red Pole, Principal Chief of the Shawnee Nation, General William Butler and Colonel James Butler, soldiers who Butler County was named after and Dr. Nathaniel Bedford, one of the founders of the University of Pittsburgh and the city’s first doctor. More information on the cemetery can be found here.

5. Pittsburgh RADical Days

RADical Days is an annual event with free admission to area events. There are musical and dance performances and family activities at local parks and recreation sites, sports and regional attractions that are funded by the Allegheny Regional Asset District. As of 2018, RADical Days have had a record of 71. More information on Pittsburgh RADical Days can be found here.

6. Seldom Seen Greenway

Photo by Matt Niemi

This park is appropriately named—you’d never know it’s there from the road! It is actually 100 acres and can be found at the base of Mt. Washington and Route 51. There are lots of fun photo ops in the park too, including brightly colored graffitied walls and a gorgeous brick archway. Find directions to the Seldom Seen Greenway here.

7. Robot Hall of Fame

The Robot Hall of Fame is powered by Carnegie Mellon University. The Hall of Fame acknowledges robotics technology around the world and honors robots that have made breakthroughs in the field. In 2009, the Carnegie Science Center put a Robot Hall of Fame display in their roboworld™ exhibit, the largest permanent robotics exhibit in the world. More information on the Robot Hall of Fame can be found here.

8. The Weeping Glass

This strange museum of odds and ends opened in the fall of 2017. Expect to see strange art and antiques, among other things. It’s a macabre spectacle, part event space and boutique of curiosities. The store hosts Tarot card readings, taxidermy classes and a monthly “Midnight Death Parlor,” where a performance artist comes to tell a tragic murder story by candlelight. More information on The Weeping Glass can be found here.

9. Bayernhof Music Museum

There is a unique collection of automated musical instruments from the 19th and 20th centuries housed at this museum. There are lots of hidden doors and secret passages as you tour through the countless music boxes and machines. The entire south wall of the museum is all glass, allowing for spectacular river views. More information on the museum can be found here.

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  1. Pittsburgh will always be my home It makes no difference if I no longer reside there. Home is where the heart is and mine remains in Pittsburgh

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