7 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Missed in Pittsburgh

If you’re tired of the same old places that everyone in the ‘burgh seems to frequent, we found some great hidden gems in Pittsburgh  that are perfect for when “your place” just won’t cut it. Who knows? One of these could become your new favorite!

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina – This place was rated one of the top 100 places to eat in the entire U.S. Our guess is you probably haven’t visited it yet. Enjoy a mouthwatering steak sandwich served on thick, fresh ciabatta bread or if it’s Lent, pop in for an alternate to the usual church fish fry or McDonald’s filet o’fish with Gaucho’s Pescado fish sandwich, served with lettuces, lemon and caramelized onion.

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Glass Center – Trust me, hot glass demonstrations are so much fun! If you’re sick of all the usual weekend afternoon activities the Pittsburgh Glass Center, located in Lawrenceville,  is the place to be. Make blown glass pumpkins for your Halloween mantle or check out their blown glass ornaments classes to adorn your Christmas tree. The Pittsburgh Glass Center also has exhibits to take a peek at too. 

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

Randyland on Arch Street – Next time you’re taking a walk around town on a gorgeous day, visit this house painted in every color of the rainbow. The home of artist Randy Gilson, this vibrant structure is home to a free museum. Randyland is located in the Northside, just a short distance from all the fun down on the North Shore.  When it comes to hidden gems in Pittsburgh, Randyland always makes the list!


Trundle Manor – No, this isn’t the scene for the next Conjuring movie. If you’re looking for something completely bizarre yet oddly fascinating, head to this home in Swissvale that serves as the perfectly out there place to go. Come and check out their jarred animals, antique taxidermy, medical devices and more and leave possibly just a little bit more creeped out. What better place to go if you have retired all your usual places right? 

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

The Kraus Campo – On the roof of CMU’s Posner Center lies an interesting art installation and one of the unique outdoor places to visit in Pittsburgh. It features a garden and large sculpture that is covered in black and white tiles with numbers and sits in the middle of a maze of sorts. Picnic there and ponder whether or not it has a deeper meaning. 

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

The Park House – Everyone always says Pittsburgh is a drinking town—why not check out the first bar in the city to get a liquor license? Enjoy food with a Mediterranean twist like gyros, falafel and hummus, trivia nights and some delicious beer to go with it all. 

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

Page Dairy Mart – Chances are, you’ve driven past this ice cream staple for years, but have you ever thought about stopping in? Great fall menu choices include an apple dumpling sundae with homemade, hot apple topping and the always a winner “Yinzer” sundae, with Heath bar, chocolate and white chocolate pieces in a warm blondie with warm caramel topping. 

hidden gems in Pittsburgh

We’ve added another hidden gem right here… Pittsburgh’s Grand Entrance.  Watch us enter the city through the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

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UPDATE!!  Here are 9 more hidden gems in Pittsburgh to visit!

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  1. Gauchos is a hidden gem. But not a secret ..,for sure there will be a line if you’re going for dinner at any popular times but it is well worth the wait. So many good things to eat.

  2. I am living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania now since May 23, 2016 and have said to many I know that Pittsburgh is as beautiful a city, and charming as any European city I’ve ever visited. It’s truly unique and I love the hills, trees, architecture and history! Thank you for these pictures. I want to see each of these places and more.

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