Pittsburgh is one of the best cities for beautiful, scenic views in the U.S., and arguably the world. We’ve identified some of the best scenic views in Pittsburgh for this list.  If you’re looking for the perfect spot for engagement photos, the best place to take visiting family or a great place to take a date this weekend, you’ll want to check out these lovely scenic views in Pittsburgh!

Mt. Washington

The quintessential “Pittsburgh view,” Mt. Washington is a fun place to take friends and family, especially those who haven’t seen the ‘burgh yet (or better yet, take those who’ve lived here before…it’s perfect for sentimentality!). As the weather gets colder, the observation decks high above the city tend to be less crowded, making for some of the most perfect photo ops!

The LeMont Restaurant

scenic views in Pittsburgh

Chances are, you’ve attended a wedding or rehearsal dinner at this elegant Mt. Washington restaurant. Celebrate an anniversary or other special occasion here for the most perfect of scenic views. Night or day, the gazing out of the LeMont’s windows make for a wonderful experience.

Point State Park

Point State Park has one of the most unique scenic views of the city. The site of the original Fort Duquesne and Fort Pitt, you’ll feel like you’re truly a part of history while walking around the large fountain. On a hot summer’s day, that fountain is perfect for cooling off!   Point State Park is also on our list of Beautiful Outdoor Places in Pittsburgh.

PNC Park

Grab just the right seat at the home of our Pittsburgh Pirates and you’ll end up with spectacular photos just begging to be Instagrammed (no filter of course!). We can’t wait until next spring to see more beauty like this.

View from the Gateway Clipper Fleet

Get a ticket on the Gateway Clipper and don’t forget to bring your camera on board. From breathtaking views of our bridges, to our city all lit up at night, the riverboat system in Pittsburgh is a great place to enjoy those lovely Pittsburgh views.

The Cathedral of Learning

The view from Pittsburgh’s version of Hogwarts, aka the Cathedral of Learning, is one for the ages. We love not only the architecture from the inside, but the view from the top of the gleaming tower in Oakland is one that is not to be missed. Don’t forget to check out the Nationality Rooms around the holidays!

Ft. Pitt Tunnel

We all know that one person who snapped a photo of Pittsburgh while driving out of the Ft. Pitt Tunnel. While we don’t recommend doing that, we do recommend taking in the beautiful sight safely, with both hands on the wheel. It is truly a memorable moment, no matter how many times you’ve gone through that stretch of town.  As far as scenic views in Pittsburgh go… many visitors say this one is a show-stopper!  Hop on over to our Pittsburgh Videos Page to see the Fort Pitt Tunnel during the day, at night, and some other great Pittsburgh takes!

What are some of your favorite scenic views in Pittsburgh? We’d love to know! Comment below and let us know.

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