Ramble, Young Man… Ramble

Randy Baumann is a famous DJ on WDVE.  They have been number one on the dial since Bush was president.  Maybe the first Bush I don’t know. Rather than sitting home counting his money, Baumann has taken the values he learned growing up in Pittsburgh’s farthest suburb of Erie and spreads it around.

What started as a small gathering of friends playing a Levon Helm style Ramble has grown from a small club to Hartwood Acres to lately the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh’s Historic South Side.  Levon used to gather whomever was near to play some tunes. Randy does the same and has watched the niche performers turn into Pittsburgh royalty leading the third wave of Pittsburgh music forward.  He also includes members from the second wave, first wave, and possibly the fourth.

TONITE they ramble with:

Clinton Clegg

Paul Luc

Addi Twigg

Kiki Brown

Josh Verbanetts

Chet Vincent

Molly Alphabet

Jimbo Jackson

Phil Brontz

Jim Donovan

Nathan Zoob

Mike Minda

Jenn Wertz

Morgan Erina

Bill Deasy

That’s not a week long festival.  That’s one night. I will report back after the Rex is rambled.  There are a couple of tickets left if your Friday is free you can find them right HERE.


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