Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Sharpsburg

History of Sharpsburg

A Brief History of Sharpsburg

The history of Sharpsburg begins in the 18th century when Seneca Indians, led by Guyasuta, settled there. Guyasuta was a strong warrior and hunter. First U.S. President George Washington asked him to be a hunter guide for him in the 1750s. A few years later, Guyasuta was part of a battle on the land where the Allegheny County Courthouse stands. He later sought to form peaceful times with the British army and Guyasuta’s efforts resulted in the government getting land that is Western Pennsylvania. Later, in the 1800s a man named James Sharp purchased the land and built a home for his wife, as well as a school and church. The original deed for Sharpsburg can be found in the Allegheny County Department of Real Estate. Sharp was an abolitionist, advocate for universal education and a Presbyterian. One can guess how Sharpsburg got its name with the legacy left behind by Sharp and his family.

Facts about Sharpsburg

History of Sharpsburg

Sharpsburg has always been quite industrial, manufacturing iron, brick and glass. In fact, a famous business that got its start in Sharpsburg was the H.J. Heinz Company. H.J. Heinz actually created and bottled his first horseradish in Sharpsburg. Heinz glass used to be manufactured in Sharpsburg as well, for all glassware in Heinz products. Sharpsburg is served by Fox Chapel School District and in 2017, the district was ranked number two in the Pittsburgh region and sixth in the state.

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  1. Linda Eckert

    Would not then based upon history of the 1800’s the property deeded over to the people of the Borough of Sharpsburg from James Sharp be considered an historic landmark and be preserved for its people and not be deeded or transferred under historic preservation of our Country and State Historic guild lines under law?

    1. Frederick P Seifried

      My namesake ancestor was the second resident after Mr Sharp . 1841 . Was a buddy of H J Heinz ! Also the first constable ! His house is stil there ! I Have a TON of great Sharpsburgstories ! ! a

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