4 Great Restaurants in Point Breeze

Point Breeze is a fun and exciting neighborhood with lots of restaurants to try. From Pino’s modern Italian food, to Peppi’s subs and fries and the gorgeous Café at the Frick, there’s something for all tastes to try.

1. Pino’s Contemporary Italian Restaurant

Restaurants in Point Breeze

This intimate, chef-owned spot serves up Italian food with a modern twist. Grab a glass of wine and try the chef’s meat and cheese board, with candied nuts and crostini. Fresh pasta and pizza are in abundance (the blanca pizza is amazing). The tiramisu and chocolate mousse are great ends to your meal too. More information on Pino’s can be found HERE.

2. Point Brugge Cafe

Restaurants in Point Breeze

Sister restaurant to the Park Bruges Cafe, Point Brugge is home to incredible soups and salads like a refreshing Brugge seasonal cobb and roasted pear salad and a daily soup selection. More information on Point Brugge can be found HERE.

3. Peppi’s

Restaurants in Point Breeze

Home of the Roethlis”burger”, Peppi’s makes chicken subs, burger and sausage sandwiches, salads, sides and more. Spicy cajun fries make for a great side, as do their party trays for Steeler and Pens games. More information on Peppi’s can be found HERE.

4. Café at the Frick

Restaurants in Point Breeze

After a day at the Frick, enjoy unique, locally-sourced, seasonal fare at Café at the Frick. Simple entrees like a classic grilled cheese and roasted turkey club shine. More information on Café at the Frick can be found HERE.

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