A Brief History of Carrick

History of Carrick

Carrick is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh located in between suburban South Hills and downtown. The area is surrounded by a total of nine different neighborhoods, including Bon Air, Brookline, Knoxville, Mt. Oliver, Overbrook, St. Clair and the boroughs of Baldwin, Brentwood and Mt. Oliver.  Public transportation is abundant in Carrick and it is still a family-oriented neighborhood after many years. The history of Carrick is that it was originally part of a land grant to Major John Ormsby in 1763 from King George III to honor his military service during the French and Indian War. Both Carrick and Mt. Oliver were formerly known as Ormsby. It became known for its coal mines and glass works. In 1853, the name Carrick was born when Dr. John H. O’Brien was given the opportunity to establish a post office in the area. For his work, he was given the honor of naming the community and he chose Carrick (after his hometown Carrick-on-Suir in Ireland). In 1926, Carrick became part of the city of Pittsburgh.

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Facts About Carrick

history of Carrick

20 years ago, Carrick was named the first “Cool Community” in the northern U.S. by the Department of Energy. The program acknowledged neighborhoods for their energy conservation and strategic tree planting. The Carrick neighborhood also is home to multiple playgrounds and the historic Phillips Park, which includes its own disc golf course and swimming pool. Carrick High School was recently renovated to add elements of a “green building” to it.

The history of Carrick is another critical piece of Pittsburgh’s history!