A Brief History of Green Tree

history of Green Tree

Green Tree is a borough in Allegheny County and a suburb of Pittsburgh. Green Tree is connected to the city through the Fort Pitt Tunnel.  The history of Green Tree begins with settlers in 1793 and the neighborhood was classified as mostly rural until the late 1800s. Paintings depicting that era showed plenty of farmland and even a vineyard in the community. The Wabash Pittsburgh Terminal Railway opened the Rook Station in 1904 which led to more industrialization in the area. As of the 2000 Census, Green Tree was 22 percent German, followed by Irish, Italian, Polish and English.

Fun Facts

History of Green Tree

Green Tree is the home of 2012 Republican presidential candidate and former Congressman Ron Paul and actor Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story). The neighborhood got its name from the Green Tree Hotel, located in the community. The Wexford Health Sources headquarters are in Foster Plaza Two in Green Tree. The Department of the Interior’s Office of Surface Mining’s Appalachian Regional Coordination Center, including the Pittsburgh Field Office and the National Mine Map Repository are all in Green Tree. Green Tree Borough has an active community, with watercolor painting classes, exercise classes and more. There’s also a gardening club and an athletic association. Residents can receive weekly e-mails about happenings in the community through the borough website.  Just south of Pittsburgh, the history of Green Tree is a large part of the history of Western Pennsylvania.