5 Things to Try in Garfield

Garfield is a neighborhood in the midst of an artistic rejuvenation. We put together five fun things to try in Garfield, from blowing your own glass keepsake, to taking a walk around the Allegheny Cemetery and more.

Visit the Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

things to try in garfield

The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination is an arts and green energy community center. You can take classes like yoga for as little as $5, Zumba and even African Drum classes. Also, there are multiple creative events like an art exhibition using cast iron and an upcoming flute concert. If you’re wondering who Irma Freeman was, she was a German-born Pittsburgh artist.

Take a Blown Glass Class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center

things to try in Garfield

The nonprofit school celebrating all things glass is right in Garfield. Take a class and make a blown glass ornament as a gift, or try a “bodacious” glass bead-making class. The Pittsburgh Glass Center is one of the top glass centers in the entire world. The center is even revitalizing the importance of art for students, with upcoming classes available for middle schoolers.

Visit Artisan—and Maybe Get a Tattoo

Things to try in garfield

Artisan has a little bit of something for everyone. There’s a cafe to enjoy a piping hot cappuccino and a boutique with gothic clothes and eclectic gifts. Artisan is also a tattoo parlor featuring five resident tattoo artists. The boutique was founded by Jason and Meliora Angst (cool last name!) five years ago when they bought an abandoned building and built it up to what it is today.

Participate in the Garfield “Turkey Bowl”

things to try in Garfield

Condition yourself for the yearly Turkey Bowl football game in the neighborhood. The tradition has been going on for years, where the young in the community play the older crew. The crowds for the turkey bowl draw hundreds. The goal of the Thanksgiving ball game is to promote a sense of community and kindness.

Take a Walk Through the Allegheny Cemetery

Things to try in Garfield

The Allegheny Cemetery is a peaceful and expansive 300 acre stretch of land. There are 15+ miles of roadways in the cemetery. The shady trees and flowers make it a great place to take a peaceful walk. The cemetery has been around since 1844, so there are is plenty of history to go around as well.

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