steelers nation

Every Steeler game is like riding the Jack Rabbit—dips and turns every second. Here are just some of the many questions we ask ourselves every Steeler game, especially this year!

1. Are we sure Ben isn’t ready to come back yet?

2. Why doesn’t Fichtner let Mason pass more?

3. Dear God, why don’t we have more beer? I’m going to need at least a case.

4. Why is Tomlin trying a challenge? Does he know they never overturn calls?

5. Do the refs actually know how the game of football is played?

6. Can Juju catch a pass soon for my fantasy league?

7. Who hires these announcers?

Tony Romo (left) and Jim Nantz pose for a photo in the CBS broadcast booth before the Panthers vs. Vikings on Sunday, December 10, 2017, at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC.

8. Where can I get one of those color rush jerseys?

9. Why do we play down to the worst teams?

10. Why don’t I buy more liquor for these games?

11. Why can’t Tomlin be more like Coach (fill in the blank)?

12. How did Tomlin get the team back after the chaos of typical early season Steelers?

13. Why doesn’t (player of choice) stay off the internet and work on his game? Geez!

14. How on Earth is that pass interference?

15. How did we actually manage to win this game?