4 Great Restaurants in West Allegheny/Allegheny Center

West Allegheny and Allegheny Center are home to lots of restaurants to cater to the busy Pittsburgh worker bees. Here are just five of the many in the area to try.

1. Gus & Yiayia’s

Restaurants in West Allegheny/Allegheny Center
Photo by Brian Donovan | The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies

While not a brick and mortar restaurant, Gus & Yiayia’s has been a food cart that has been in the area for since 1934. Owner Gus Kalaris has been selling ice balls, popcorn and peanuts out of his bright orange cart since 1934. On particularly warm Pittsburgh days, the cart really hits the spot. For more information on Gus & Yiayia’s, click here.

2. Allegheny Sandwich Shoppe

Restaurants in West Allegheny/Allegheny Center

Pittsburgh’s favorite sandwich shop has been serving the area for years. Workers love their hearty sandwiches like hot turkey, grilled chicken or the Steel City Slammer, a concoction with roast beef, corned beef and swiss. For the more health-conscious, the shop has a large salad menu. For more information on the Allegheny Sandwich Shoppe, click here.

3. Federal Galley

Restaurants in West Allegheny/Allegheny Center

Federal Galley is a launch pad for the best new restaurant concepts in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh’s food hall and beer garden, the eatery is a place for undiscovered chefs to get noticed. With four different restaurant concepts (El Lugar, Michigan and Trumbull, Provision Pgh and Supper) there are 150 seats inside and 100 more outdoors. For more information on Federal Galley, click here.

4. Lola Bistro

Restaurants in West Allegheny/Allegheny Center

This homey, family run business serves up global comfort foods. There’s a tasty Scandinavian chicken pot pie, spaghetti carbonara and piroshki just to name a few of the delicious dishes at Lola. For more information on Lola Bistro, click here.

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