5 Great Restaurants in Bethel Park

restaurants in Betherl Park

If you’re hungry and out in the south hills, here are 5 restaurants in Bethel Park you may want to try!

1. Bethel Bakery

restaurants in Bethel Park

Walking into Bethel Bakery, it’s hard not to want everything as soon as you walk in the door. The shop makes everything from graduation cakes, to First Communion cakes and everything in between. Bethel Bakery has won multiple awards, including the Post-Gazette Fan Favorite Award for 2016. For more information on Bethel Bakery, click here.

2. Ma & Pops Country Kitchen

restaurants in Bethel Park

Good home cooking like chicken tenders and fries, fried mushrooms and zucchini and more are abound at this restaurant. The restaurant also serves sandwiches and burgers. For more information on Ma & Pops Country Kitchen, click here.

3. Judy’s Java Joint

restaurants in Bethel Park

Judy’s Java Joint was a 2018 winner in the Post-Gazette Fan Favorite awards. Your typical coffee drinks are at Judy’s and paired with items like hot breakfast sandwiches and muffins, the café offers a well-rounded breakfast. Don’t miss their pepperoni rolls and quesadillas either. For more information on Judy’s Java Joint, click here.

4. Rice Inn

restaurants in Bethel Park

The Chinese, Thai and sushi bar is run by Jack Ho. Ho has three years’ experience of culinary training in China. Diners can choose a variety of Chinese, Thai or sushi dishes depending on their interests. The egg rolls and Wonton soup, California roll and Thai curry are all standouts. For more information on Rice Inn, click here.

5. Vilka Bistro

restaurants in Bethel Park

An interesting variety of food is what makes Vilka Bistro special. Vilka Bistro serves up classics like buffalo chicken dip or unique items like Millennium Chicken, deep fried boneless chicken tenderloins in Thai peanut sauce. For more information on Vilka Bistro, click here.

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