Every year,  we get visitors to Pittsburgh.  Whether it’s your cousin from Seattle, or that friend from college who’s come in for a reunion, there are certain “Pittsburgh” things we have to explain.  Sometimes twice.  Sometimes 3 times.  Either way, they leave with the knowledge that they are now part of “yinzer nation”… well, kind of.  Here are a few of the things we always have to shed some light on when someone visits Pittsburgh…

1. The way we pronounce things.

Nope, DuBois isn’t said the way you think. Neither is North Versailles!

2. What chipped ham is and why it’s the most delicious delicacy in the world.

There’s nothing like an Isaly’s chipped ham sandwich. We’re drooling just thinking about it.

3. We reserve parking spaces with chairs.

There is a certain art to putting out the best well worn, 1970s era chair to reserve your parking space.

4. Why everyone wears black and gold so much.

It’s our Sunday best, gym wear, date night and more. Black and gold is a way of life here, especially given that our NFL, MLB and NHL teams all wear the same colors.

5. We’re not just a sports city and certainly no longer just a steel city.

We’re not just about the Steelers and Pens and we’re no longer just a city full of steel mills. There are lots of museums, restaurants and so much culture in the city.

6. We have our own language. 

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Pittsburghese is a language all its own—we talk about some Pittsburghese words here.

7. Directions and roads won’t make sense when driving, but just go with it.

All the twists and turns, tunnels and detours, Pittsburgh is quite the maze. Just go with it and eventually you’ll get used to the roads!

8. We party in fire halls.

Weddings at fire halls are kind of our thing.

9. No, we most likely don’t know your friend from Philly.

Many people think Pennsylvania is way smaller than it is. Some don’t realize that Philadelphia is about five hours away from us.

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