Chateau is a Pittsburgh neighborhood located on the North Shore on the banks of the Ohio River.  The neighborhood was actually created in the 1960’s by the construction of Ohio River Boulevard (Route 65)  cutting off a portion of Manchester.  The area is bordered by Manchester, Allegheny West, Marshall-Shadeland and the North Shore.

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The area is mostly industrial and commercial warehouses and facilities, harboring a total residential population of under 50 people (39 as of the 2000 Census).  Thus, the neighborhood is considered virtually uninhabited.

The Rivers Casino, opened in 2009, is considered to be in this neighborhood, as well as the Carnegie Science Center (which many also include in the North Shore).  Chateau is also home to the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild.

Literally cutting the Pittsburgh North Side neighborhood of Manchester in half with the construction of Route 65, the city designated the lower area by the Ohio River as a distinct neighborhood, naming it Chateau after a street in the area dubbed for the formerly grand old homes built there.