Photo by Emmanuel Fine Art Photography

Here are 15 reasons you know you’re a Pittsburgher. Don’t forget to share this with friends and family coming to visit from outta tahn!

1. You have a ketchup preference.

Heinz all the way.

2. You know pierogies aren’t just for eating.

They’re also for racing too!

3. You feel physically ill or elated depending on how the Pens or Steelers play.

It’s a roller coaster ride every season.

4. Fries aren’t just a side order.

They’re also a topping on salads and in sandwiches.

5. The phrase “giant rubber ducky” means something to you.

You’ll never forget those iconic few weeks.

6. Firehalls are for weddings.

You’ve been to at least a half dozen.

7. You insist on ordering a pop.

No matter where you go across the country, it will always be pop.

8. You learned to drive on some of the steepest hills in the country.

Nothing you encounter can be as bad as the streets you learned to drive on.

9. You automatically silence anyone from another city who complains about construction.


You think no other city could be as bad.

10. Cookies belong at weddings.

With to-go bags of course!

11. Directions are given by landmarks not streets.


It’s just easier to say turn at the Sheetz rather than Elm Street.

12. You’ve worn a sports jersey to church.


Often, it’s viewed as your Sunday best.

13. You’ll watch any movie or TV show if it’s set in Pittsburgh.

Even if it’s a terrible one, it’s fun to see if you can spot familiar landmarks.

14. You slow down before entering a tunnel.

What can you say? It’s a Pittsburgh thing.

15. Your prom, wedding and graduation photos were all taken on Mount Washington.

You can’t beat the iconic backdrop.

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