7 Pittsburgh “Villains”

Pittsburgh Villians

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They’re the ones you love to hate for one thing or another. Here are seven of Pittsburgh’s most despised villains.

1. Tom Wilson

Pittsburgh Villains

Wilson, who currently plays for the Washington Capitals, is frequently depicted on Twitter as a dumpster. His hits are often hotly debated between Pittsburgh fans. One of his latest hits sent Zach Aston-Reese to surgery for a broken jaw and a concussion.

2. Claude Giroux

Pittsburgh Villians

The current captain of the Philadelphia Flyers, Giroux, like Wilson, is also a fan of rough hits. His one in April 2018 caused even captain Sidney Crosby to voice his displeasure.

3. Vontaze Burfict

Pittsburgh Villains

The Cincinnati Bengal loves to hate on the Steelers. Frequently he has been the cause, or has led to Steelers injuries. Also, according to this article, he frequently receives hate mail to Paul Brown Stadium.

4. Bob Nutting

Pittsburgh Villains

Pirates owner Bob Nutting is often called greedy by Pirates fans. The team traded star Andrew McCutchen to the Giants and since the shake-ups, thousands have signed a petition to ask Nutting to sell the team.

5. Tom Brady

Pittsburgh Villains

It’s Tom Brady. We will say no more.

6. Mike Milbury

Pittsburgh Villains

Known for his dislike for the Penguins, Milbury is a former hockey player turned analyst for the NHL on NBC. One of his latest quips was saying Pens winger Bryan Rust knowingly put himself into a position to be hit which later caused a concussion.

7. Anyone who said Jesse James’ catch wasn’t a catch.

Pittsburgh Villains

We all know it was. It will be talked about in Pittsburgh for many years to come. Since then, there’s been some changes.

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