No matter where you end up after living in a certain city, or if you’re proud to call yourself a lifer, there are always certain things that stick with you. Pittsburghers are lucky to have so many things that remind them of home. No matter how far away you are right now from the epicenter of all things Yinz, or if you’re just a few miles “dahn” the road, we hope you enjoy this list of nostalgia! If you don’t see your favorites on here, keep checking back with Pittsburgh Beautiful for more posts!

1. This commercial that would magically appear right before Christmas.

2. One of the greatest football plays of all time.

3. This store’s iconic snack bar.

Pittsburghers Will Always Remember

4. This catchy as ever jingle.

5. When you saw this commercial and contemplated calling the number to see if you could actually get money.

6. Going to Pens, Steelers and Pirates games and hearing “Beer here!” “Coke here!” from this guy, who passed away in 2011 after serving the Pittsburgh area sports teams since 1985.

Pittsburghers Will Always Remember

7. Having to memorize the lyrics to this song every time new players came on board.

8. Getting this artificially colored, sugary deliciousness in your trick-or-treat bag growing up.

Pittsburghers Will Always Remember

9. Not setting your alarm when a snowstorm was coming because “Joe said it would.”