A Brief History of Oakmont

History of Oakmont

Oakmont is a borough in Allegheny County and a suburb of the city. It’s considered part of the Pittsburgh Metro area. Oakmont was incorporated as a town in 1889 and began back in 1816. A farmer named Michael Bright bought a large swatch of land about 15 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. Oakmont got its name from a landmark tree inscription. The inscription read: “Beginning at a black oak on the bank of the Allegheny River…” hence how Oakmont was born.

Facts about Oakmont

History of Oakmont

Oakmont is perhaps best known for being the home of the Oakmont Country Club, a golf course that has hosted many U.S. Open Championships, the most recent in 2016. The neighborhood’s population was 6,426 in 2014. Plum Creek flows through the borough. The community is bordered by the borough of Plum to the east and Penn Hills and Verona to the south. Across the Allegheny, Oakmont shares a border with O’Hara Township and Harmar Township to the north. Oakmont Bakery won “Retail Bakery of the Year,” from Modern Baking magazine. The Oaks Theater was an entertainment venue located on the main drag of Oakmont that was converted to a multi-purpose entertainment venue in 2015. Oakmont is home to Riverside Park, which boasts tennis courts, basketball courts, a track and more.

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