5 Things to Do at the Three Rivers Arts Festival Today (Monday June 10)

three rivers arts festival

The Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival is well underway, and so far it’s been great!  We were down there yesterday and it was a beautiful day.  The atmosphere was light, the people all seemed happy and of course, the variety of things to do, see, hear and eat was outstanding!  Here’s 5 things to consider today if you plan on visiting the Arts Festival downtown at Gateway Center.

White Swan Illuminations

three rivers arts festival

The artist, Gina Chalfont, states on her facebook page, “I work from historic pottery, metalwork, woodwork, ivory carvings and archeological fragments to make new pieces of art. Many pieces combine different cultures and time periods. Every one is documented to tell what my influences for the work where. Most are one of a kind.”  More about her here.  She is at booth 19.

Simbelmyne Jewelry

three rivers arts festival

The artist, Catherine Aulick, melts, rolls, draws sterling scrap, and recycles silverware into raw materials for jewelry. They weave and link silver threads and hammered wire into chain and then chase and stamp original images and patterns. The artist creates an image on hardened brass and rolls it through a mill with soft sterling. The artist then works with punches, hammers, saws, torches, and polishers to make delicate structures with pierce and solder techniques. Creative settings like bezels, prongs and weaving add natural gemstone colors to the jewelry.  More about the artist here.  She is at booth 239.

Schiavone Studios

three rivers arts festival

The artist, Mike Schiavone, state on his website, ” I have worked for Anthropologie and Amercian Eagle as a display creator, and was an artist on Jackson Square in New Orleans for several years. My work has been in galleries and festivals as well. My combined experiences have informed the subject matter and style of my work, so each piece is a narrative made up of equal parts reality and fantasy.”  You can read more about him on his website here.  He is at booth 35.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Brass

three rivers arts festival

Watch and listen as members of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Brass perform a varied program of colorful and popular brass favorites, as well as some new arrangements for the season.  They are on the Dollar Bank Main Stage at Point State Park from 7:30 PM until 9 PM.

Johnny Walylko

three rivers arts festival

Johnny Walylko is a Pittsburgh-based singer and songwriter.  His soft tenor voice and mellow stage presence connects with audiences and creates a sublime, peaceful atmosphere.  More about Johnny on his website here.  He is on the Acoustic Stage at Gateway Center today from 5 PM until 6 PM.

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None of the artists, musicians or activities featured have sponsored this post in any way.  The pictures are from the Three Rivers Arts Festival web site.  Pittsburgh Beautiful is not endorsing any of the members on this list.  We just put this together at random to give you a few things we think are interesting each day to see.  If we happen to visit any of these booths or participate in any of the activities, we will certainly let you know!  Thanks for helping to make Pittsburgh Beautiful.

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