Restaurants in Troy Hill

Troy Hill is a close-knit community with lots of great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you’re craving something from a local café, or some comfort food from the neighborhood bar, here are just a few of the restaurants in Troy Hill you should definitely have on your radar.

1. Scratch Food & Beverage

Restaurants in Troy Hill

This cozy spot serves New American food as well as beer, wine and cocktails. There’s an amazing cavatelli pasta, noteworthy barramundi fish and yummy snacks like marinated olives. More information on Scratch Food & Beverage can be found here.

2. Pear & the Pickle

Restaurants in Troy HillThis homey café serves breakfast and lunch as well as coffee and baked goods. Summertime goods include a mouthwatering blueberry buckle. There’s also a mean bacon, egg and cheese and an incredible turkey reuben and soup of the day. More information on Pear & the Pickle can be found here.

3. Threadbare Cider House

Restaurants in Troy Hill

This cider house and meadery serves brunch and dinner. Pizza is served on either their classic sourdough crust or polenta. Desserts are delicious and perfect with some cider, like a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie or apple hand pie. More information on Threadbare Cider House can be found here.

4. Mt. Troy Inn

Restaurants in Troy Hill

The Mt. Troy Inn is a true neighborhood spot, with lots of great food, a fun atmosphere and nice bartenders. Anything fried is available here, from fried mushrooms to fried provolone sticks to fried pickles and more. Best of all, prices are affordable. More information on Mt. Troy Inn can be found here.

5. Frank’s Pizza and Chicken

Restaurants in Troy Hill

If you’re looking for quality delivery from a local spot, Frank’s is it. Enjoy hand-tossed pizzas with all your favorite toppings, soft and warm breadsticks and of course their famous buffalo chicken and Frankie fries. More information on Frank’s can be found here.

Be sure to check out our guide to the best restaurants in Pittsburgh, updated requently.  When you are looking for a place to eat in Pittsburgh, this list should be at the top of yours!

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  1. Threadbare is not on Troy Hill, it’s on Spring Garden.. Also Mt Troy Inn
    is on Mt Troy hence the name!!!

  2. Scratch is amazing, we hosted Compassionate Cetification Centers Holiday medical cannabis event here, and everything was 5 stars. The owners were so nice to us, they brought out extra glasses, wine, and the polenta is amazing. Every single dish from the salads they hand mixed to the final entrees were delicious. We are going to plan another event here, we had roughly 10 people but will have more next time as they have a nice sized bar we can also utilize they said.

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