A Brief History of Kilbuck Township

Kilbuck Township is located in Allegheny County and is considered a suburb of the city of Pittsburgh. Kilbuck was named after Gelelemend, the chief of the Shannopin Indians who supported rebel Americans during the Revolutionary War. After the war, he converted to Christianity, hence why he was known more as John Killbuck or John Killbuck, Jr. As Pittsburgh’s surrounding areas grew in the 1850s, more townships were created and Kilbuck was one of them in 1869. Since the area had multiple natural resources and accessible water and a brand-new railroad, Kilbuck was attractive to early settlers. Residents loved the rustic, country atmosphere while still being close to the city. The population of Kilbuck was small as of the 2010 census, at just 697.

Facts about Kilbuck Township

History of Kilbuck Township

Kilbuck has eight borders, including Glenfield, Aleppo, Ohio and Ross Townships and Ben Avon as well as Emsworth and Neville Township, among others. Kilbuck is served by the Avonworth School District. The population was spread out in the township, with the most people ages 45 to 64. Avonworth Park serves the city and includes a swimming pool with waterslide, diving board, playground, nature trails and more. According to the Census Bureau, Kilbuck has an area of 2.6 square miles. Over 60 percent of couples living in Kilbuck are married and living together.

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