5 Great Restaurants in West Mifflin

West Mifflin is home to iconic Pittsburgh originals like Jim’s Secret Sauce and neighborhood favorites like Boonda’s pizza. There are plenty of restaurant options to serve the neighborhood.

1. Jim’s Famous Sauce

Restaurants in West Mifflin

A family tradition since 1927, Jim’s sauce is served on hot dogs, steaks, chicken, pasta and more. This special blend of onions, tomato paste and spices has been delighted those in the West Mifflin area for decades. For more information on Jim’s Famous Sauce, click here.

2. Secrets Bar & Grill

Restaurants in West Mifflin

This down-to-earth, friendly and laid-back bar and grill is home to lots of delicious specials. They also do a popular $1 taco Tuesdays. Also well-liked especially during Lent is a Friday fish fry. Secrets’ fried fish sandwiches are piled high and delicious. For more information on Secrets Bar & Grill, click here.

3. Skyvue Restaurant

Restaurants in West Mifflin

Homestyle soups, salads and comfort food are served Monday through Saturday at this family-friendly restaurant. Their roast beef and cheddar sandwich is perfect for a chilly Pittsburgh winter day, as is their grilled cheese with bacon. Don’t forget to add a cup of french onion soup! For more information on Skyvue Restaurant, click here.

4. Watami Hibachi Steakhouse

Restaurants in West Mifflin

This Japanese restaurant on Lebanon Church Road serves sushi and sashimi arranged delightfully on gorgeous platters. Appetizers like rock shrimp are tasty too. The restaurant is decorated beautifully as well. For more information on Watami Hibachi Steakhouse, click here.

5. Boonda’s

Restaurants in West Mifflin

Boonda’s hometown pizza has plenty of mouthwatering options under their specialty pizzas. For meat enthusiasts, there’s a “lotsa meatsa” pizza, with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, salami, meatballs and steak. There’s also a Hawaiian pie with ham AND bacon and a pierogi pizza too. For more information on Boonda’s, click here.


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