Facts about Westwood

Westwood is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s West End region. Westwood was annexed by the city at three separate times in three separate pieces—1872, 1921 and 1927. Westwood is a mainly quiet and peaceful neighborhood. There are interesting parts of it, including the John Frew House, one of the oldest surviving buildings west of the Allegheny Mountains. There’s also a community pool, playground and more.

Westwood has a whopping seven borders, including Green Tree, Crafton, Crafton Heights, Elliott, Ridgemont and the West End Valley.

There are a lot of unique architectural styles in Westwood that span many periods. The neighborhood also includes a school with the same name. The population of Westwood is just over 3,000 people and its total area is .692 square miles.

The main street in Westwood is Noblestown Road, which divides the community in two. Noble Manor is a major commercial district in the area. Westwood actually has two different zip codes—15220 for its Eastern half and 15205 for its Western half.

Westwood is represented on city council by District 2.