As Pittsburghers, we all know we have a vocabulary all our own (see “Pittsburghese“). We put together what will probably be the first of many posts on our very own Pittsburgh “dictionary.” Don’t forget to send this to friends who now live out of town or newbies who want to know just exactly what we’re saying!

1. Ahr (noun)


Ahr, as in hour. This can be used in sentences like “What ahr does church start?” or “Ahr the Steelers playing at 1 p.m. or 4 p.m., what ahr does the game start?”

2. Redd up (verb)


Redd up refers to cleaning up or tidying up a place. It can be used as so: “If you don’t redd up this room you won’t get dessert tonight!”

3. Sar (adjective)


Sar is actually the word sour, like “Wow this candy is really sar!” or “Gross, this milk turned sar!”

4. Back air (phrase)


Back air is “back there.” We often use this phrase in sentences like “Baltimore? I’m not goin’ back air!” or “Cleveland? Why on Earth would I wanna go back air?”

5. Marn Cope (person)


Myron Cope, the iconic sportscaster who died in 2008. “I just love the way Marn Cope calls them Stillers games!”

6. Tahnship (place)


Refers to a township, like Center Tahnship, Robinson Tahnship and others.

7. Bungles (sports team)


This refers to the often hated Cincinnati Bengals NFL team, one of the Steelers’ rivals. “Stillers ahr gonna crush them Bungles Sunday!”

8. Dubya (letter)


No, this does not refer to our former president. We often pronounce the letter W as “dubya.”

9. Erol (noun)

Oil, as in the oil you put in your car.

Whenever we are traveling… all we have to do to find a friend is listen for the Pittsburghese… we’re everywhere!

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