9 More Words to Add to Your Pittsburghese Dictionary

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We’re back with more Pittsburghese for you to enjoy! Compiled from reader suggestions and Pittsburgh dictionaries, here are nine more words that you’ve most likely heard (or used yourself at some point!). Show off how well-read you are in Pittsburgh vocabulary!

1. Tile (noun) 

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Towel, as in bathroom towel. Used in a sentence could be, “I need a clean tile for my shower.”

2. Mill (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Meal, as in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

3. Clicker (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

A remote control for your television. Used in a sentence could be, “Yinz toss over the clicker, I’m sick of watching this game!”

4. Dahtlets (noun)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

“The outlets,” an outlet mall, as in Grove City Outlets or Tanger Outlets.

5. Yella (adj.)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Yellow, as in the color. 

6. Uge (adj.)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Huge, as in: “Wow that Primanti’s sandwich is UGE!”

7. Bobby Mo (place)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

The nickname for Robert Morris University.

8. Grin-fild (place)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Greenfield, as in the neighborhood.

9. Bullin’ (sport)

Pittsburghese Dictionary

Bowling, as in “Let’s go dahn to Arsenal Bowl tonight!”

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Enjoy n’at!

6 thoughts on “9 More Words to Add to Your Pittsburghese Dictionary”

    1. Marlene Lewandowski

      Love the Pittsburgh talk. Born and raised there until I got married and then moved to N.Y. but I Miss My Burgh!! Still have the talk after all these years……No place like Pittsburgh!! Proud to say I’m from there……

  1. Originally from Pittsburgh (Sharpsburg), I remember riding the street car to go shopping in S’Liberty.

  2. One minor correction: “tile,” used in a sentence, should be, “I need a tile for my SHIRE.” ?

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