The Best Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

The summer months are waning, but it isn’t too late to grab a delicious milkshake. We put together seven places with the most delicious milkshakes in Pittsburgh to grab a refreshing treat before the weather turns chilly again.

Fudge Farm

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

Fudge Farm by Goodyhouse is Pittsburgh’s premier fudge destination, but did you know it has absolutely amazing milkshakes? They’re so big and so decadent that they’re served with a styrofoam cup protecting any contents that want to stray from the bigger milkshake glass. Their shakes are adorned with Belgian waffles, entire brownies and more. Best part of it all is the milkshakes are named after bars in the South Side. Once patrons get their shakes, they can sip them on the adult-sized swings that are scattered about the sweet shop. So fun!

The Milkshake Factory

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

The Milkshake Factory’s story began back in 1914 as a small soda fountain and candy store in Lawrenceville. Today it serves up some of the most delicious shakes in the ‘burgh. Their gourmet shakes are somewhat pricey but worth it. A noteworthy one is the “Fried Ice Cream,” made with vanilla ice cream, clover honey, crushed cornflakes and cinnamon. It also includes whipped cream, more cornflakes on top of that and a cherry.


Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

This eatery gives you the best thing to wash down that cheeseburger with—incredible milkshakes. Their spiked shakes are worth a try, especially the “s’mores,” made with marshmallow vodka, vanilla and dark chocolate. If you’re with someone who isn’t a milkshake fan, they have floats too. The bourbon cherry is incredible (made with bourbon, cherry soda and dark chocolate).

Page Dairy Mart

delicious milkshakes in pittsburgh

We couldn’t not include Page Dairy Mart on this list. Their hot fudge milkshake is insanely good. If you’re interested in another flavor, the iconic ice cream parlor in Pittsburgh has 15 others to choose from! Page Dairy Mart stems from the Page family’s original Gulf Service and Gas Station they built on that location years ago.

Scoops on the Blvd.

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

Scoops has three locations around Pittsburgh including Mt. Lebanon, Bloomfield and Brookline. Their milkshakes come in kids, regular and large sizes. Their shakes can also be turned into malts making for a nostalgic touch for those who want to feel like a kid again.

Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

This sweets shop voted best candy store in Pittsburgh has incredible milkshakes in addition to their ridiculously good candy. Their 16 oz. premium hand-spun milkshakes are perfect for sipping as you figure out what candy you want to take home from this fun shop with locations on Penn Ave. and Liberty Ave.

Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor

Delicious Milkshakes in Pittsburgh

Klavon’s is a charming, traditional ice cream shop that serves Penn State Creamery ice cream. James and Mary Klavon opened their shop nearly 100 years ago as an apothecary and ice cream shop. In 1979, it closed for 20 years and the Klavon’s grandchildren and a cousin reopened it, transforming it to what it is today. Now it is home to sundaes, floats and shakes in flavors like death by chocolate and peanut butter swirl that will keep you coming back for more.

If you think we’ve left a couple delicious milkshakes in Pittsburgh off of this list… let us know!

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