A Brief History of Fawn Township

fawn township

Fawn Township is located in Allegheny County. The population was 2,376 as of the 2010 census. Fawn Township gets its name most likely from either Fahan County Donegal, Ireland—most likely from Irish settlers as Fahan is pronounced “fawn.” It also might be indirectly from a York County Township with the same name and name origin. Fawn also may get its name because founders considered it to be an offspring of Deer Township (hence Fawn). On March 28, 1858, Fawn Township was created. At the time, the Fawn Township also included Harrison Township and Brackenridge. From February 1877 through July 1879, the Fawn Township Post Office existed. In March 1948, the Fawn Township Volunteer Fire Department started.

Facts about Fawn Township

fawn township

The township is a total area of 12.9 square miles and multiple streams run through it, including Bull Creek, McDowell Run, Lardintown Run and Little Bull Creek. Due to the large amount of streams, Fawn was also perfect hunting ground for Native Americans. Bull Creek is from the name “Cowawanick,” which means “place of the bulls” which is in reference to the herds of buffalo that lived in the Allegheny Valley at one point. Those ages 25 to 44 are the highest population in Fawn, with 28.4 percent. Fawn has had a couple appearances in movies, including Knightriders by George Romero and starring Ed Harris and My Bloody Valentine 3D, filmed at the Fawn Tavern on Bull Creek Road and the Tour Ed Mine on Ridge Road.

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