Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Stanton Heights

A Brief History of Stanton Heights

History of Stanton Heights

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Stanton Heights is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s east city area. It’s a quiet neighborhood with private homes and duplexes. The area is relatively new to the City of Pittsburgh.  It only became a designated neighborhood a little over 50 years ago. Before that, it was actually a country club (the Stanton Heights Golf Course). Due to this, the neighborhood has no commercial area and many do their shopping in nearby LawrencevilleEast Liberty, ShadysideBloomfield and Squirrel Hill.

Facts About Stanton Heights

History of Stanton Heights

Stanton Heights has an extremely active Facebook page, with almost 800 followers. Their vibrant community life is evident on the page, with a briskly attended Holiday Happy Hour and volunteer opportunities to clean up litter and plant new trees in the neighborhood.  The park behind Sunnyside Elementary is know as Dinan Park with a “Pony” sized ball field and a playground.  This growing area is also home to a rain garden, the Stanton Heights Rain Garden.  Currently they are growing hops for a local brewery!  The neighborhood is known as a peaceful and quiet area, great for families.  It’s proximity to some of Pittsburgh’s best shopping and dining areas is considered a positive all around.

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  1. My old neighborhood that I grew up in. It was a grew place to live. I knew everyone on my street, Hawthorne Ct.

      1. I grew out on the lower Woodbine Street…Loved my neighborhood. I’m still friends with my neighbors.

  2. I grew up here and have always left my neighborhood. Recently, we sold my fathers house after he passed away, and it was so nice to see a young couple moving in, getting ready to raise a family in a neighborhood that brought so much joy to my life

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