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iREAD2KNOW WORKSHOP TV SHOW created by Nancy Belle Hahn will provide children with a NEW TV NEIGHBORHOOD.


Like its iconic predecessor Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, iRead2Know Workshop is an educational, entertaining TV Show for children age 2-5, but appropriate for all ages and also developed in Pittsburgh, like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. 

Hahn created and launched: The iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network an award-winning top-rated Children’s 24 Hour iHeart Radio Network eight years ago.  iRead2Know iHeartRadio is also one of the founding stations of the Award Winning iHeart Radio Family App. 

“It is a glorious mission to be creating edutaining content reaching children via iHeart Radio’s 150 million registered users, 2000 devices, 260 platforms and a quarter of a billion monthly walk in listeners daily for 8 years.” says Hahn. 


The iRead2Know Workshop TV Show has spectacular elements, such as 150 dazzling and meaningful Original Characters, 75 Award winning Books, Stories featuring the Characters, A Multi Genre Themed Song Library, 12 Themed Musicals, all created by Nancy Belle Hahn.  


The multi-talented, professional singer, dancer, actor, musician: KALAH, hosts the show with that certain gentle charm and comforting reassuring voice, invites children to IMAGINE, EXPLORE and DISCOVER while cheering on Kindness and Diversity. 


Other impressive elements include Grammy Winning Music Producers & Directors: Sidney Mills, Lamont Dozier Jr., and Gina Eckstine. 


Quincy Bond, Comedian, Actor from Tyler Perry’s House of Payne will bring extra fun with the iRead2Know Workshop comedy segment featuring children performing live stand-up comedy. 


Las Vegas Entertainer, Gina Eckstine daughter of Pittsburgh’s own, world renown singer, Billy Eckstine, will perform big production musical numbers with the iRead2Know Workshop’s colorful cast of Characters. 


Lamont Dozier Jr. is the son of Motown’s most prolific, famous hit song writer, Lamont Dozier and a professional singer and entertainer. 


Stay Tuned! 


“FRED ROGERS will never be replaced but I am sure he would truly welcome iRead2Know Workshop as his next-door neighbor.” 

Nancy Belle Hahn 


iRead2Know Workshop TV Show is a Live Action, Educational TV show that explores various topics for young viewers through Characters, Stories, Performance Presentations, Music and Dance.
 About Nancy Belle Hahn:  

Nancy Belle Hahn is an award-winning TV and iHeartRadio Station Founder/Owner and Children’s Book Author of 75 Published award-winning books. She creates Children’s Books and multi-platform, multicultural Children’s Media to Educate, Entertain and Inspire children. Nancy uses her professional BMI radio song writing skills in Pop, Classical, Broadway, Opera, Rock, and Reggae music genres to compose an entertaining score and song track for each character and songs for each story making every book a delightful Children’s Musical. Hahn began her early career as an Elementary School Teacher, Board of Education Curriculum Writer, Professional Dancer, College Dance Teacher and Dance Company Choreographer, she soon after began writing and producing for Children’s TV shows.

Nancy Hahn built a Broadcast TV station being the first women in the United States to earn that distinction. For 25 years her TV Station was dedicated to variety entertainment with an emphasis on quality Children and Family Programming. Nancy was an International Broadband Media and Spectrum consultant for NextWave International.

To date Nancy Hahn has created 150 original children’s characters and has written ten children’s musicals. She creates all the content for her family of iHeartRadio Stations: iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network and MyToonsRadio iHeartRadio and Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeart Radio Podcast Station. All Nancy Hahn’s original animal characters are critically endangered species, engaging children in environmental awareness and conservation education. Greenpeace has applauded NeNe’s Travel Adventures and as a great bio-diversity lesson for parents and children.

Nancy has coined her content and products as Edutainment with a multi-cultural focus. She created the first Ethiopian Children’s Character, Book Series and Musical: The Adventures of Eshe the Ethiopian Elephant. She has worked with retail outlets for over ten years creating over 100 products in apparel, toys and books. Hahn wrote, produced and choreographed live stage shows across the nation for SFX Clearchannel Outdoor Venues.

ONE LOST BOY demonstrates Hahn’s ability to touch the heart of young readers with true stories about inspirational topics. HELLO ZURI is about discovering true beauty through diversity. Puppies of Puccini Book and Musical introduces children to Opera and DaVinci the Musical is a musical about Leonardo Da Vinci discovering himself as a teenager. Hahn’s books are in libraries and sold in over 180 countries with over twenty million google hits.

“Every character I create and book I write, every song I compose, and dance I choreograph, is filled with boundless love and joy for children” – – Nancy Hahn

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