Planet Pink Club Mobile Game Lifts Off for the Holidays!

After playing Planet Pink, I came back blown away by the simplicity and fun that can be had in an interactive learning environment. Planet Pink is an interactive educational game, focused on building not only learning skills, but social and emotional education as well. The first installment in what will be the Play to Learn Metaverse, the Planet Pink game is based on and built around the characters and stories by the Award-Winning Children’s Book Author as well as the iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network, MyToons iHeartRadio Podcast Station and Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeartRadio Station, Owner, Founder and Content Creator, Nancy Hahn.

Planet Pink has the player answer questions based around the lore of the Planet Pink stories. As the player makes the correct answer, they will have the opportunity to rescue and unlock new friends from the Planet Pink stories, learning more about these adorable and fascinating characters in the Kindness Journal.

5-Star Rating!

 One of my favorite aspects is the audio, as you can listen to a variety of different tracks ranging from music, musicals, and even story books that will play in the background as you go through the game. Visually, I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the environment and effects were.

I highly recommend this game to anyone looking to get their children involved in interactive learning games. I think Planet Pink is not only successful in its goal to help kids build social and emotional skills but is in itself a fun and enjoyable game. If you are interested in learning more about Planet Pink and staying up to date with the expanding Play to Learn Metaverse, make sure to check out Nancy Belle Studios at: Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeartRadio and
“Azure Ravens is so excited to be a part of the Play to Learn Metaverse development. The young 7 crowds often get neglected when it comes to fun educational games, so getting the opportunity to bring this world to life has been a blast. We are so excited to show the world all the games currently in development and to get Planet Pink Club mobile in the hands of gamers worldwide.” – Corbin John Reeves, Founder and Creative Director Azure Ravens Entertainment, Co-Organizer at Michigan Branch of the Internation Game Developers Association (IGDA)
“Planet Pink Mobile Game is OUT OF THIS WORLD FUN and LEARNING for KIDS!” 
“Azure Raven’s  commitment to excellence in their field made this journey so wonderful”  — Nancy Hahn.
 About Nancy Belle Hahn:  

Nancy Belle Hahn is an award-winning TV and iHeartRadio Station Founder/Owner and Children’s Book Author of 75 Published award-winning books. She creates Children’s Books and multi-platform, multicultural Children’s Media to Educate, Entertain and Inspire children. Nancy uses her professional BMI radio song writing skills in Pop, Classical, Broadway, Opera, Rock, and Reggae music genres to compose an entertaining score and song track for each character and songs for each story making every book a delightful Children’s Musical. Hahn began her early career as an Elementary School Teacher, Board of Education Curriculum Writer, Professional Dancer, College Dance Teacher and Dance Company Choreographer, she soon after began writing and producing for Children’s TV shows.

Nancy Hahn built a Broadcast TV station being the first women in the United States to earn that distinction. For 25 years her TV Station was dedicated to variety entertainment with an emphasis on quality Children and Family Programming. Nancy was an International Broadband Media and Spectrum consultant for NextWave International.

To date Nancy Hahn has created 150 original children’s characters and has written ten children’s musicals. She creates all the content for her family of iHeartRadio Stations: iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network and MyToonsRadio iHeartRadio and Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeart Radio Podcast Station. All Nancy Hahn’s original animal characters are critically endangered species, engaging children in environmental awareness and conservation education. Greenpeace has applauded NeNe’s Travel Adventures and as a great bio-diversity lesson for parents and children.

Nancy has coined her content and products as Edutainment with a multi-cultural focus. She created the first Ethiopian Children’s Character, Book Series and Musical: The Adventures of Eshe the Ethiopian Elephant. She has worked with retail outlets for over ten years creating over 100 products in apparel, toys and books. Hahn wrote, produced and choreographed live stage shows across the nation for STX Clearchannel Outdoor Venues.

ONE LOST BOY demonstrates Hahn’s ability to touch the heart of young readers with true stories about inspirational topics. HELLO ZURI is about discovering true beauty through diversity. Puppies of Puccini Book and Musical introduces children to Opera and DaVinci the Musical is a musical about Leonardo Da Vinci discovering himself as a teenager. Hahn’s books are in libraries and sold in over 180 countries with over twenty million google hits.

“Every character I create and book I write, every song I compose, and dance I choreograph, is filled with boundless love and joy for children” – – Nancy Hahn

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