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The Ultimate Checklist for the Solar Eclipse in Erie 2024

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On April 8, 2024, Erie, Pennsylvania, will become a focal point for an astronomical marvel—the Erie Eclipse 2024. As the only major city in Pennsylvania located in the path of totality, Erie offers a prime vantage point for witnessing the total eclipse 2024. With an expected duration of nearly four minutes, the sky will darken, and the sun’s corona will become visible, creating a memorable spectacle. This rare event is anticipated to attract between 56,000 to 200,000 visitors to the area, marking it as an essential destination for eclipse enthusiasts.

Preparing for this significant event requires some planning, especially with the influx of visitors expected. Safety is paramount, with eclipse glasses being a necessity for safe viewing. In addition to the natural phenomenon, various eclipse events are being planned across Erie County, promising an engaging experience for all. Whether you’re planning to watch from Presque Isle State Park or another prime location, this article serves as your ultimate checklist for making the most of the Erie Eclipse 2024 on April 8th, 2024.

Why Erie is a Prime Location

Erie, Pennsylvania, stands out as a prime location for the Erie Eclipse 2024 for several compelling reasons:

  • Path of Totality:
    • Erie is uniquely positioned in the path of totality for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. This rare positioning means that viewers in Erie will experience the eclipse in its most complete and breathtaking form, with totality lasting for an impressive duration of nearly four minutes—one of the longest durations observed along the path of totality.
    • The significance of Erie’s location is further underscored by the fact that the next total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States will not occur until 2044, and Erie itself will not be in the path of totality again until 2144. This makes the 2024 eclipse a once-in-a-lifetime viewing opportunity for many.
  • Viewing Opportunities and Economic Impact:
    • With Erie being the only major city in Pennsylvania within the path of totality, it is expected to draw a significant influx of visitors, ranging from 65,000 to 250,000 people. This anticipated surge in visitors is projected to have an estimated economic impact of $15 million, highlighting the event’s importance not just for astronomy enthusiasts but for the local economy as well.
    • City officials are actively planning to optimize viewing experiences for eclipse-goers, taking into account factors such as cloud cover and the best locations for public viewing. This proactive approach ensures that both residents and visitors will have the best possible experience during the eclipse.
  • Accessibility and Visibility:
    • The timeline for the eclipse in Erie is well-defined, with the eclipse expected to begin at 2:02 p.m., reach its maximum at 3:18 p.m., and conclude by 4:30 p.m. This clear timeline aids in planning and preparation, ensuring that viewers can maximize their viewing experience.
    • Additionally, Erie’s accessibility to neighboring states and cities, like Ohio, where the eclipse will also be visible, positions it as a strategic location for those seeking optimal viewing opportunities off the shore of Lake Erie.
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In sum, Erie’s unique geographical location, combined with the city’s preparations and the significant economic and cultural impact, firmly establishes it as a prime location for experiencing the Erie Eclipse 2024. Whether you’re a local resident or planning to travel to Erie for this astronomical event, the city promises an unforgettable viewing experience.

What to Expect

As you prepare for the Erie Eclipse 2024, understanding what to expect will enhance your experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key moments during the eclipse:

  • Timeline of the Eclipse:
    • 2:02 p.m.: The eclipse begins. This phase is known as first contact, and it’s crucial to observe the sun only with eclipse glasses or a solar filter to protect your eyes.
    • 3:16 p.m. to 3:20 p.m.: Totality occurs. For nearly four minutes, the moon will completely cover the sun. During this phase, it’s safe to observe the eclipse without any protective eyewear. This is when the sky will darken, and you’ll witness the stunning corona of the sun.
    • 4:30 p.m.: The eclipse concludes with the last contact, marking the end of the partial phase. Until this moment, ensure you’re using your eclipse glasses or a solar filter to look at the sun.

Weather and Viewing Conditions:

  • Erie’s average temperature on April 8 ranges from a high of 48.8 degrees to a low of 33.9 degrees. While the chance of rain is equal to being above or below normal, historically, Erie has an average precipitation of 3.47 inches in April, with April 8 typically seeing about two-tenths of an inch of snow.
  • Overcast conditions have been the most frequently observed around this time of year, especially from 1 to 5 p.m., according to historical data from Erie International Airport. It’s also worth noting that El Nino conditions could bring more cloud cover along the lakeshore. However, clear skies are not a prerequisite for experiencing the eclipse, but they do enhance the visibility of the corona and other celestial phenomena.

Preparation Tips:

  • Eclipse Glasses Distribution: Safety is paramount. Eclipse glasses will be necessary for the partial phases of the eclipse and will be distributed at three locations in Erie County. Accommodations in Erie County are providing two pairs of glasses per room, and Country Fair locations throughout northwestern Pennsylvania will start distributing glasses free with every purchase beginning March 25, 2024.
  • Traffic and Accommodation: With an estimated 56,000 to 200,000 visitors expected, prepare for potential gridlock and traffic jams. Hotel occupancy rates are already at 97%, so planning your stay well in advance is crucial.
  • Eclipse Tools: Utilize resources like the interactive Google eclipse maps developed by Xavier Jubier and the Eclipse Simulator to preview the eclipse for any location. These tools, along with detailed viewing instructions and safety guidelines available on, will ensure you’re well-prepared for this awe-inspiring event.

By keeping these timelines, weather conditions, and preparation tips in mind, you’ll be set to fully enjoy the Erie Eclipse 2024, making the most of this once-in-a-lifetime celestial spectacle.

Best Viewing Locations in Erie

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As you gear up for the Erie Eclipse 2024, knowing where to position yourself for the ultimate viewing experience is crucial. Erie County boasts a plethora of locations that cater to different preferences, whether you’re seeking the buzz of a crowd or a tranquil spot amidst nature. Here’s a breakdown of the top spots to consider:

  • Popular Parks and Nature Reserves:
    • Presque Isle State Park: A favorite for many, though officials warn it might close if it hits capacity due to the expected influx of eclipse chasers. Ideal for those willing to arrive early and secure their spot.
    • Lake Erie Community Park & Erie Bluffs State Park: Offers stunning views from above the lake. Note the limited parking and the absence of safety fencing in some bluff areas.
    • Shades Beach Park & Freeport Beach: Perfect for setting up a picnic while you wait for the eclipse. Both locations are near amenities, with Freeport Beach offering a unique rocky beach experience.
  • Urban Viewing Spots:
    • Perry Square Park: Located in downtown Erie, this spot combines the convenience of nearby restaurants with the experience of viewing the eclipse in an urban setting.
    • The Maritime Museum/Port of Erie: Hosting a family-friendly event, “Celestial Celebrations: Solar Eclipse 2024,” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., it’s a great option for those looking for an organized viewing experience.
  • For a More Secluded Experience:
    • Picnicana Park: A bit south of downtown Erie, this large picnic ground offers pavilions, a playground, and trails. It’s an excellent choice for families looking to make a day out of the eclipse viewing.

With an estimated 56,000 to 200,000 visitors expected, it’s advisable to plan your visit to these locations well in advance. Consider the park’s capacity, the potential for traffic jams, and the availability of parking when making your choice. A map has been created to guide visitors to areas within Erie County suitable for eclipse viewing, which can be a handy tool in planning your day. Whether you choose a bustling park or a serene natural setting, Erie offers a variety of locations to ensure you have a memorable eclipse experience.

Safety First: Eclipse Viewing Tips

As you prepare for the Erie Eclipse 2024, prioritizing safety ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience. Here’s how to protect yourself and make the most of this celestial event:

Essential Eclipse Viewing Gear:

  • ISO-Certified Eclipse Glasses: Do not look at the sun directly without ISO-certified eclipse glasses or shields. These are specifically designed to protect your eyes from harmful solar radiation. Eclipse glasses are available at various locations including VisitErie, Erie County accommodations, and Country Fair locations throughout northwestern Pennsylvania. Remember, regular sunglasses, no matter how dark, are not safe for viewing the eclipse.
  • Solar-safe Viewing Accessories: For those planning to use binoculars, cameras, or telescopes, ensure you have solar-safe lenses or filters. It’s crucial not to use these optical devices while wearing eclipse glasses, as the concentrated solar rays can damage the filter and cause serious eye injury.
  • Alternative Viewing Methods: If you don’t have access to eclipse glasses, consider using a pinhole projector. This DIY method involves a cardboard box, aluminum foil, a white sheet of paper, and some basic craft supplies. It’s a safe and effective way to observe the eclipse’s progress indirectly.

Personal Comfort and Safety Kit:

  • Pack Essentials: The eclipse event can last several hours, so come prepared with water, snacks or meals, and any necessary medications. Dress in appropriate layers to accommodate for sunny, cold, or rainy conditions, and don’t forget sunscreen and bug repellent.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Include an emergency kit with additional water, snacks, and basic first aid supplies. Given the expected influx of visitors and potential for heavy traffic, keep your gas tank full and inform family or friends of your plans. Stay informed by checking the weather forecast and visiting for additional safety tips.

On the Day of the Eclipse:

  • Traffic and Pedestrian Safety: With an anticipated large number of visitors, be prepared for increased pedestrian, cyclist, and motorist activity. Avoid stopping or parking along major roadways or interstates, and do not attempt to take photos or videos while driving. As totality approaches, turn on your headlights to increase visibility.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Keep Pennsylvania beautiful by not littering in the viewing areas. Proper disposal of waste and respecting the natural and urban environments you’re in contributes to a positive experience for everyone.
  • Post-Eclipse: After the total eclipse, avoid the rush by staying in place to let traffic dissipate. This is also a great time to reflect on the experience and share it with others around you.

By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure a safe and awe-inspiring viewing of the Erie Eclipse 2024. Remember, this celestial event is a rare opportunity, and with the right preparation, you can safely enjoy the spectacle.

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Navigating the Eclipse Day Traffic

As anticipation builds for the Erie Eclipse 2024, navigating the influx of visitors and the inevitable traffic congestion will be crucial for a smooth experience. Here are practical tips and resources to help you plan your journey:

Planning Your Route and Timing

  • Early Arrival: Aim to arrive at your chosen viewing location well in advance. With up to 200,000 visitors expected, arriving early can help you avoid the bulk of the traffic and secure a good spot.
  • Stay Late: Consider staying at your viewing location longer to let the traffic dissipate. This can also be a great opportunity to explore the area further or participate in local post-eclipse events.
  • Use Real-Time Traffic Resources:
    • Offers comprehensive travel information and will include a special section dedicated to eclipse-related travel.
    • PA 511 App: Download this app for real-time traffic updates and alerts on your route.
    • PennDOT Social Media Channels: Follow PennDOTNews, Northwest Region PennDOT, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for updates and travel tips.

Traffic and Vehicle Safety Tips for the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Erie

  • Increased Police Presence: State police will be actively managing traffic on interstates in northwestern Pennsylvania, ensuring that traffic flows smoothly and safely.
  • Vehicle Preparedness:
    • Ensure your vehicle’s headlights are on during the eclipse to increase visibility.
    • Do not stop or pull over on highways to view the eclipse. This is both unsafe and illegal.
    • Be mindful of increased pedestrian traffic and vehicles parked on road shoulders.

Local Traffic Adjustments and Recommendations

  • Road Closures and No Parking Areas:
    • Lower State Street north of the Bayfront Parkway and specific areas like West 2nd Street, Route 20, Lincoln Ave, and Greengarden Blvd will see traffic restrictions.
  • EMTA Shuttle Service:
    • The Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority will run all bus routes as normal but may adjust routes due to traffic congestion. A complimentary shuttle will operate from the Intermodal Transportation Center to facilitate easier movement around the city.
  • Public Works Coordination: Expect street closures, and the placement of portable toilets and trash cans in key areas to manage the crowds and maintain cleanliness.

By leveraging these tips and resources, you can navigate the Erie Eclipse 2024 traffic more effectively, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free experience.

Local Events and Celebrations

Erie is buzzing with excitement as the community comes together to celebrate the Erie Eclipse 2024 with a variety of events and celebrations. Whether you’re a local or planning to visit, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening around town:

  • Educational and Family-Friendly Events:
    • Eclipse Educational Fair For Kids at Perry Square: A perfect day out for families, featuring interactive learning activities.
    • TOTALITY at Yahn Planetarium: Dive deep into the wonders of the eclipse with engaging shows.
    • Eclipse Within Our Gates at Mercyhurst University: Open fields for public viewing, starting at 1 p.m. on April 8, with educational resources available.
    • PennWest Edinboro Planetarium Series: Offering a series of shows leading up to the eclipse, including additional shows on April 7.
  • Community Gatherings and Parties:
    • SeaWolves ‘Block’ Party: Celebrate with the community with live music and food.
    • Sloppy Duck Saloon Eclipse Party: Enjoy the eclipse from the waterfront with a lively atmosphere.
    • Zooclipse: Solar Safari at Erie Zoo: A unique way to experience the eclipse with the backdrop of animals.
    • Erie Ale Works: Black Hole Sun Eclipse Parking Lot Party: A casual gathering for those looking to enjoy the eclipse with a cold brew in hand.
  • Unique Viewing Experiences:
    • Solar Eclipse Cruise on the Victorian Princess: Experience the eclipse on the water with live music and an Erie-themed buffet.
    • Eclipse Watch Party – Erie Land Lighthouse: Join others at this historic site for a communal viewing experience.
    • Park Side of the Moon – Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Party at Frontier Park: Offers learning and art activities for all ages, making it a great spot for families.

In addition to these events, Erie County is embracing the spirit of environmental consciousness with the third annual WNY Earth Day Challenge in April and the Erie County Tree Tap Maple Fest, promising sweet seasonal fun in partnership with 42 North Brewing Company. For those looking to contribute to sustainability efforts, a household hazardous waste collection event is scheduled for April 13 in the Town of Hamburg.

With so many events planned, Erie promises an unforgettable experience leading up to and during the Erie Eclipse 2024. Whether you’re looking for educational activities, community gatherings, or unique viewing experiences, Erie has you covered. Remember to plan ahead and check event details as some may require advance ticket purchases or registration.

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Accommodation and Planning Your Stay

As the Erie Eclipse 2024 approaches, securing your accommodation well in advance is not just advised; it’s essential. With hotel occupancy rates soaring to 97%, the early bird truly gets the worm—or in this case, a place to stay. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate your accommodation options:

Accommodation Types and Availability:

  • Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts:
    • Notable options include Comfort Inn & Suites, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, and the Spencer House Bed & Breakfast, which famously has a seven-year waiting list for the eclipse.
    • Current hotel occupancy is at a staggering 97%, with some rooms listed at $900 a night due to the high demand.
  • Campgrounds and RV Parks:
    • For a more adventurous stay, consider Camp Fitch (YMCA), Port Farms, or Virginia’s Beach Campground in North Springfield, Pennsylvania.
  • Private Rentals:
    • Some Erie County residents are renting out their homes at premium prices for the event. This could be a viable option for larger groups or those seeking a more home-like setting.

Planning Tips:

  • Book Early: With prices on the rise and rooms becoming scarce, the sooner you book, the better. Prices for lodging have consistently risen as the eclipse draws nearer.
  • Check for Cancellations: Keep in touch with your preferred lodging option for any last-minute cancellations. VisitErie is working to stay updated on available rooms, though they cannot guarantee availability.
  • Consider Your Needs: Whether you’re looking for the convenience of a hotel along Upper Peach Street and Interstate 90 or the charm of a bed and breakfast, consider what amenities and location are most important to you.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prepare for the Day: Erie County Court and City Hall will be closed on the day of the eclipse, affecting some services. Ensure you have adequate groceries, prescriptions, and a plan for where your children will be during the event.
  • Business and Travel Plans: Businesses should plan staffing and vendor contacts in advance. With the influx of visitors, expect busier streets and consider how you’ll navigate the area—whether you’re staying in a hotel, campground, or a rented home.

By following these guidelines, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the Erie Eclipse 2024 without the stress of last-minute accommodation hunting. Remember, with such a significant event on the horizon, early planning is key to a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Weather Forecast and Preparations

As you gear up for the Erie Eclipse 2024, it’s essential to keep an eye on the weather forecast and make necessary preparations to ensure a smooth experience. Here’s what you need to know about the weather and how to prepare:

Weather Forecast for Erie Eclipse 2024:

  • Temperature: The National Weather Service anticipates temperatures in Erie to be above normal from April 6 to 19. This period includes the day of the solar eclipse, suggesting warmer weather that could enhance your viewing experience.
  • Rainfall: Erie has an equal chance of experiencing above or below normal rainfall in April. It’s a good idea to prepare for both possibilities by packing waterproof gear.
  • Snowfall: While April’s normal snowfall in Erie is 2.6 inches, no specific snowfall prediction has been made for this April. However, given Erie’s weather patterns, it’s wise not to rule out the possibility of a light snow.

Preparations for the Eclipse Day:

  • Stay Mobile: Given the unpredictable nature of April weather in Erie, being able to move to a different location quickly if poor weather threatens visibility is recommended. Have a plan B location in mind and check the weather forecast regularly.
  • Emergency Personnel and Infrastructure Improvements:
    • Millcreek Township is ramping up emergency personnel presence for the eclipse, ensuring safety and assistance are readily available.
    • The Erie County Department of Public Works has nearly completed a new Highway Barn in Lancaster, indicating improved infrastructure and readiness for the event.
  • Community Initiatives: Several community plans and initiatives, such as the Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan and the Community Climate Action Plan, are underway, reflecting a community geared up for sustainability and engagement during the eclipse and beyond.

Important Questions for Residents: Before the eclipse, consider:

  • When to stock up on groceries and essentials to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Scheduling appointments well in advance, as many services may be closed or fully booked around the eclipse day.
  • Ensuring you have ISO-certified eclipse glasses for safe viewing. Remember, regular sunglasses won’t protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays during the eclipse.

By keeping these weather forecasts and preparations in mind, you’ll be set to enjoy the Erie Eclipse 2024, come rain or shine. Stay informed, plan ahead, and get ready for an unforgettable celestial event.

Beyond the Eclipse: Exploring Erie

After the celestial spectacle of the Erie Eclipse 2024, you’ll find that Erie, Pennsylvania, has much more to offer beyond the darkened skies. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor drawn by the eclipse, exploring Erie’s diverse attractions can enrich your experience in this vibrant city. Here’s a guide to what you can enjoy:

Discover Erie’s Rich Cultural Scene

  • Museums and Historical Sites: Dive into Erie’s maritime history at the Erie Maritime Museum and board the U.S. Brig Niagara to feel the pulse of history. For art enthusiasts, the Erie Art Museum showcases a diverse collection, while the ExpERIEnce Children’s Museum offers interactive fun for families.
  • Theater and Performances: Catch a show at the Warner Theatre or explore the local arts scene with numerous galleries and live performances that highlight Erie’s artistic diversity.

Enjoy Nature and Outdoor Activities

  • Presque Isle State Park: Although not recommended for eclipse viewing due to potential traffic concerns, the park is a must-visit for its beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and boating opportunities. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and connect with nature.
  • Waldameer Park & Water World: For family fun, this amusement and water park offers thrilling rides and slides.
  • Asbury Woods: Engage in outdoor activities like hiking and wildlife watching in this serene setting.

Indulge in Local Cuisine and Nightlife

  • Dining: Erie’s waterfront restaurants offer fresh, local cuisine with stunning views of Lake Erie. For a more casual vibe, check out the local breweries like Lavery Brewing Company and Erie Brewing Company for a taste of the region’s best craft beers.
  • Nightlife: After a day of exploration, the Warner Theatre and Erie Art Gallery host events that blend culture and entertainment, providing a perfect end to your day.

Whether you’re looking to delve into history, enjoy the outdoors, or savor local flavors, Erie offers a multitude of experiences waiting to be discovered. Make the most of your stay by exploring all that this charming city has to offer beyond the eclipse.

As we anticipate the Erie Eclipse 2024, it’s clear that this celestial event is more than just a momentary darkening of the skies; it is a monumental occasion that brings together the elements of community, education, and celebration in Erie, Pennsylvania. Amidst the excitement of preparation tips, optimal viewing locations, and necessary safety measures, the essence of this event lies in its ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds in a shared awe-inspiring experience. Erie’s strategic positioning not only offers a prime viewing opportunity for the eclipse but also showcases the city’s vibrant culture, outdoor activities, and rich historical tapestry, making it an unforgettable destination.

Looking ahead, the Erie Eclipse 2024 promises to not only illuminate the cosmos but also to highlight the communal spirit and recreational bounty that Erie has to offer. As we gear up to witness this rare astronomical phenomenon, let us also take a moment to appreciate the broader implications— the boost to local economies, the spark of curiosity in the minds of aspiring astronomers, and the collective memory that will linger in the hearts of those who participate. In embracing this event, Erie sets the stage for a celebration that extends far beyond the eclipse itself, inviting both residents and visitors alike to explore, discover, and cherish the community and natural beauty that define this unique corner of the world.


How should I prepare for the 2024 eclipse?

To safely prepare for the 2024 eclipse, it’s crucial to follow these guidelines:

  • Never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection.
  • Avoid using regular sunglasses as they do not offer adequate protection.
  • Inspect eclipse glasses or solar viewers for damage before use, and do not use them if damaged.
  • Refrain from creating your own filters as they may not protect your eyes sufficiently.
  • Do not use welder’s glass to view the eclipse unless it is shade 14 or darker.
  • Avoid looking at the sun through your camera’s viewfinder.
  • Ensure that any telescope you use has a proper solar filter for safe viewing.

Where is the ideal location to witness the total eclipse in 2024?

Texas is considered one of the prime locations for observing the total eclipse in 2024. The eclipse’s path covers a broad area across the state, providing many towns with the opportunity to experience the totality. Additionally, weather forecasts predict clear skies for most of Texas, which should result in excellent viewing conditions.

Will Erie experience the total solar eclipse in 2024?

Yes, Erie will be directly in the path of totality during the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024. The event will cause the afternoon sky to darken for approximately four minutes as the moon obscures the sun.

What is the best location in Ohio to view the 2024 solar eclipse?

For the 2024 solar eclipse, the best viewing locations in Ohio are along a range that extends over 110 miles. Optimal viewing spots include the western edge of the state from Defiance to Hamilton, the northern edge around Toledo, and the eastern edge near the northern area of Youngstown.


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