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Planet Pink by Nancy Hahn

Planet Pink Club

About this Game

Planet Pink Club Mobile game for young children created by Nancy Hahn is the ONLY mobile game that has KINDNESS as it’s Game Rewards, plus teaches STEM and NASA Earth Space Science, throughout the fun, edutaining gameplay.
Planet Pink is an interactive educational game, focused on building not only learning skills, but social and emotional education as well. The Planet Pink game is based on and built around the characters from the award-winning book series and the popular iHeartRadio Series: Planet Pink airing on the iRead2Know iHeartRadio Network, MyToons iHeartRadio Podcast Station and the Planet Pink Club Mobile Game iHeartRadio Station.
Planet Pink has the player answer questions based around the lore of the Planet Pink stories. As the player makes the correct answer, they will have the opportunity to rescue and unlock new friends from the Planet Pink stories, learning more about these adorable and fascinating characters in the Kindness Journal.
Planet Pink is an out-of-this-world game with STEM Learning, Multi-Disciplinary Edutaining Fun that rewards Kindness.
“I am so proud of the PLANET PINK CLUB mobile game and all the wonderful things it brings to children. Responsibly creating all permutations of high quality Edutaining Media for Children is a distinct honor, privilege and joy!”  – Nancy Hahn
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