Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Mount Oliver

A Brief History of Mt. Oliver

history of Mt. Oliver

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Mt. Oliver is a borough located in the Pittsburgh metro area. It’s mostly a residential area surrounded by the actual city of Pittsburgh. Since Mt. Oliver has resisted annexations by the city, it deals with its own finances. The name Mt. Oliver comes from John Ormsby, the son of the man (Oliver Ormsby) who held the original land grant for the neighborhood from King George III.  The neighborhood was first settled in the mid 1700’s, and then partitioned and sold in the mid 1800’s.  It became a stand alone borough in 1892.

Facts About Mt. Oliver

history of Mt. Oliver

The Mount Oliver Economic Development Team formed in more recent years to talk about the needs of the neighborhood’s businesses. A local artist named Maria DiSimone Praczak donated her time and talent to making the empty storefronts colorful and vibrant with murals as businesses began to move in. Those who live in Mount Oliver Borough have to file two different tax forms for two different municipalities on two different due dates. Wondering why? Mount Oliver residents pay a two percent tax on earned income to the Pittsburgh Public Schools district and one percent on earned income to the Borough of Mount Oliver.

The history of Mt. Oliver is certainly unique in that it has remained independent.

7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Mount Oliver”

  1. Charlotte Dempsey

    Thank you. I now live on Alabama but lived in Mt Oliver till 1st grade. My grandparents lived there all their lives. My grandfather loaded trucks for Duquesne brewery.

  2. Mt Oliver was my home from 1945(I was 11) until 1954, when I joined the air force with a Hank Humbert, a close friend! The borough was a beautiful small town sort of place with a very busy business district on Brownsville Rd., starting at Arlington Ave, and extending all the way to the Carrick line, near St Joe’s Cemetary! Loved living there, and miss it, even though time has not been kind to it!

    1. Charlotte Dempsey

      I lived there from 1950 to 1955 when we moved to Delmont. My dad worked for West Penn Power. Don’t remember the street name but it was across from the fire station going down the hill after going under the high bridge. Went to kindergarten at the Catholic school. My grandparents lived there all their lives first up the street from a little corner candy store then up the hill from the movie theater. Remember my grandfather walking the street stopping at all the bars to buy his numbers and giving me the used punch cards always with a stop at Isley’s for a Klondike and stopping to watch them make donuts in the bakery window, ending at the VFW or maybe the AMVETS. Loved the fairs, Christmas parties, bingo and bowling machine at the AMVETS. And can never forget the parades!

    2. Charlotte Dempsey

      Lived there 1950 thru 1955. Loved walking with granddad to Isleys for a Klondike and watching donuts being made in bakery window. Lived on the down hill across from the fire station. Grandparents lived down the street from a little corner candy store and then up hill from movie theater. Loved VFW fairs and parades and bingo.

  3. Sharon Thompson

    I lived on Arlington Avenue from 1980 until 1984 first right next to Chester’s Bar and then 2 doors down in a second floor apartment. My downstairs neighbor was a woman named Helen and next door neighbors were Kathy and Ronnie.

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