Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Esplen

A Brief History of Esplen

Esplen is a neighborhood located in the western part of the City of Pittsburgh. The community got its name from settler John Esplen, The history of Esplen starts with the area as a Railroad Camp, meaning it was home to the many workers who were constructing the various railroads that are borders to Esplen. The biggest population age group in Esplen are those ages 35-39. Unfortunately, many are moving out of Esplen, as the population declined from over a thousand in 1940 to just a few hundred in 2010.

Fun Facts

history of Esplen

Esplen’s border to the north is the Ohio River. It’s border to the west is Chartiers Creek (which happens to feed into the Ohio at Esplen). Its bordering neighborhoods include McKees Rocks, Sheraden and Elliott. Esplen’s zip code is 15204 and also is represented at the Pittsburgh City Council (by council member for District 2). Esplen is also part of the Pittsburgh City School District. Its major intersecting streets include Tabor, which happens to cut the town in half) and West Carson Street. The old P&LE Railroad also borders Esplen, but the railroad is now owned by CSX. Esplen is also very accessible via public transportation, just seven minutes from Downtown. Esplen is the westernmost neighborhood in the city of Pittsburgh, and the history of Esplen is part of the history of the growth of Pittsburgh, the city.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these articles on Pittsburgh neighborhoods, but Fairywood is the westernmost neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

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