Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: Oakwood

 A Brief History of Oakwood

history of Oakwood

Oakwood is a neighborhood in the southwest area of the city. Oakwood Park houses a gorgeous stone reservoir. There’s also an old bell from the elementary school that was formerly on the park’s grounds. Older people at the park reminisce about swimming in the reservoir when they were kids (something that was illegal at the time!). The school closed in 1971. Oakwood is represented on Pittsburgh City Council by District 2.

Facts about Oakwood

history of Oakwood

As of the 2000 census, there were just over 1,000 people in 523 households in the Oakwood neighborhood. More homes were renter occupied versus owned (268 to 255). More homes were with older residents age 65 and up—215—as opposed to 102 with those 18 and younger. Oakwood is adjacent to the neighborhoods Greentree, Westwood, East Carnegie and Crafton. Festivals and clean-ups are popular in Oakwood as community involvement is something everyone gets into. There are often many block parties here in the summertime. There’s a lot of undeveloped land and wooded areas which makes Oakwood almost rural. Oakwood’s amenities and cost of living earned an A and employment earned a B with education a solid C. Oakwood came in #32 in the 2016 Best Neighborhoods to live in Pittsburgh.

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