Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Lincoln Place

history of Lincoln place

A Brief History of Lincoln Place

history of Lincoln Place

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Lincoln Place is a neighborhood located in the 31st ward of Pittsburgh. It is in the southeast corner of the ‘burgh. It is one community that actually has two zip codes. There was an amusement park in Lincoln Place in the late 1890s called Calhoun Park. It was opened by the Pittsburgh Railways Company and was in operation until 1910. It opened on Mifflin Road and a trailer park now stands where the amusement park was. It had one wooden roller coaster.

Facts about Lincoln Place

history of Lincoln Place

Lincoln place is minutes from downtown Pittsburgh, but seems suburban. There is plenty of green space in Lincoln Place, which allows for wildlife like wild turkey and deer roaming about. The neighborhood was rated an A for schools and safety and families and a solid B for real estate, nightlife and diversity. The population of the community was around 3,000 according to the last 2010 census. Its median rent is about $700 per month and home values are in the $90,000s. It was ranked the 6th safest neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Most residents of Lincoln Place are homeowners and the average age is 47, slightly older than many Pittsburgh neighborhoods. Residents love that the community is quiet, clean and have plenty of parks.

The history of Lincoln Place is another key to the history of the great city of Pittsburgh.

24 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Lincoln Place”

  1. Living on Mifflin Road is not very quiet. There is only one park here that I am aware of. Where is the nightlife?

    1. It is tough living on Mifflin Rd. and Interboro Ave., the main drags, but the side streets are very quiet. Besides McBride Park, there is a parklet on Elwell St. & Cox by the Mifflin School Ball Field. I guess the Bowling Alley could be considered “Night-Life”! BTW, The trailer park on Mifflin Rd. near the gas station has be gone for years.

  2. Lynda Griffith Martz

    I grew up in Lincoln place,on Limberg ave. I went to Mifflin school. It was a great neighborhood.

  3. Donna Douglass Price

    I grew up in Lincoln place it was a great safe neghborhood I had many people look out for me as I grew up. I miss the small community since moving to Racine Wisconsin.

    1. Linda Brannigan Hrlmick

      Grew up on Dellaglen Street went to Mifflin School. Carusos family lived on Session Street was like a second home. Near the water tank. My Nana lived on Muldowney sbout 2 houses from the Presbyterian Church.

  4. I’m a LIFE LONG Resident of Lincoln Place. Went to Mifflin School. It is pretty quiet except for TAG TOWING who like to rev and speed frequently at Night. This is a place where most of the neighbors have been here as long as you or longer, and most are still neighborly but not breathing down your neck. Downfalls of WE are ALWAYS LAST for plowing n salting especially us on he hills and a times we are the forgotten 31st ward except for Vascar is set up.

  5. Grew up on Barberry st. Awesome Childhood. As a little kid the walk to Mifflin School seemed like 20 miles. We were lucky to be surrounded by woods. Always had something to do….

    1. Courtney Szalkay

      Hi Scott!
      Grew up on Barberry st. Loved it! cousins and Grandparents lived on Lindberg st. from Rodgers st.

      Courtney Szalkay

  6. Grew up on Cox Ave. Great neighborhood. Walked to Mifflin school . used to gather up empty soda bottles and turn them in at the penny candy store for candy. wish i could remember the name of that store.

      1. I’m wondering if you know K Way – the back alley of McBride Ave?

        My Grandparents lived on MrBride Avenue… I’m wondering if a trolley ever went on k Way – we used to walk to the store at the end – can’t remember the name… I know a trolley – now a bus route was at the bottom of the hill…

        Thanks… Greg

      2. Stanley Marszalek

        I lived on Dellaglen Avenue in Lincoln Place. It was on the hill not fat from the water tank.

      1. not the short stop. i remember the short stop, that was up by Mifflin Rd. i think the store i remember was on muldowney ave

    1. Hi Dan…. was the store you are referring to named “Kays”?…. on Muldowney St
      I grew up on Keefe st just behind the bowling alley. Best place to grow up in the 70s and 80s

  7. I grew up and still live in Lincoln Place in the same house, went to Mifflin School then Allderdice my kids went to Mifflin also but they had buses to pick them up like right outside my door and i had to walk lol until my mom started being the crossing guard at the corner great place to live i’m glad i raised my family here

    1. Hi –

      I’m wondering if you know K Way – the back alley of McBride Ave?

      My Grandparents lived on MrBride Avenue… I’m wondering if a trolley ever went on k Way – we used to walk to the store at the end – can’t remember the name… I know a trolley – now a bus route was at the bottom of the hill…

      Thanks… Greg

  8. I grew up in LP, on Elwell st., just down the hill from Mifflin. I barely recognize that school now. Almost everyone knew who you and your patents were. Very tight knit community. It was a great place to raise a family back in the 80’s and 90’s. I havent been there in almost 25 years.

  9. Does anyone know if K way – an alley that ran along side McBride Ave evr had a trolley run on it? My grandparents had a home at the top near McBride Ave – near the park…

    I used to walk to the drug store on that alley c1970… Seem to remember rails or trolley ties… Used to go to the carnival at the old A&P

    What was the name of that store?

    I realize a trolley went on by the bottom of McBride Ave – which became a bus route I believe…

    thank you…

    1. There was a drug store called McDonnell’s or McDonaugh’s or something like that. It was unusual in that there was the main level then 3 steps up to another level. It eventually became a pizza place.
      I knew John DeGregorio who lived near McBride. Is he your family?

  10. Greg, I grew up in Lincoln Place too and I was a little kid when there were trolleys that passed through Lincoln Place on Interboro Ave. which went to Homestead and the other trolley would go through the wooded area behind the trailer park on Mifflin Road that use to go to downtown PIttsburgh that trolley also went between A&G grocery store and Mifflin school to the area where the Nazarene church is in Lincoln Place and would go to McKeesport that way. K Way is the alley behind Mifflin Road that runs from McBride Park to Interboro Ave and the drug store which is now Pizza Stop use to be called Caruso’s Drug Store where they also had a soda fountain in that drug store that they use sell homemade root beer and there was another store which had a soda fountain at the bottom of K way at Interboro Ave that is now Tools Unlimited but I cannot recall the name of that store. There was a store called Short Stop and Tom’s pizza stop across from the drug store and across from Caruso’s Gas station the other store which was owned by the Caruso family is A&G which was on Mifflin Rd before Mifflin school and across the street from where the Sunoco Mini Mart gas station is now. The other store was on Muldowney Ave called Kaye’s where there is a day care center now across the street from the Mini Combo that is across the street from that day care center. It was so much like Mayberry back when I was a child growing up in Lincoln Place people use to be able to leave the doors open and unlocked and their cars open and unlocked but with the way the world has changed since I was a child it would not be wise not to secure your home and car but I did have the nice memories of growing up in a wonderful community in a beautiful time era. There was no trolley on K Way when I was a child just on Interboro and the side of Mifflin Rd and by the Nazarene church it would go back there to either turn around or head to Mckeesport through the wooded area . I hope this helps you out.

    1. The other store was Oberdicks. Plenty of competition with Caruso. I lived in Lincoln Place from 1946 thru 1973. Played baseball in McBride Park, behind the elementary school and at a homemade field owned by Duquesne Slag.
      I lived behind Playmor Bowl and as a teen bowled in their travel league. Times were simple then as previously stated “Mayberry”. At times wish I could go back in time, expose my children to that era as well as my grandkids and great grandkids. There was no trolley up K Way during my time there. I married a great girl from Lincoln Place and we’re still going strong after 53 years.

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