5 More Places With Seriously Delicious Ice Cream in Pittsburgh

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

Our ice cream post got so much engagement and suggestions from you, our awesome readers, that we decided to expand on the post and give you five MORE seriously delicious ice cream shops in the ‘burgh. These are pulled from your suggestions in our comments both on the site itself and our Facebook page. Hope you get out to enjoy one of these sweet treats soon! Click the title for more info on each business.

1. Antney’s, Green Tree

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

Antney’s is home to some pretty unusual flavors that are truly incredible. There’s been a tiramisu, caramelized banana and hazelnut with Nutella on the menu before. There are 16 flavors every day and the beauty of a visit to Antney’s is you’ll never know what ones are going to be served up. Every visit is a delicious mystery! Antney’s is seasonal and also charitable—they recently helped with the Western PA Humane Society.

2. Isaly’s, PNC Park & Giant Eagle

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

While Isaly’s was gone for awhile, just this past March it was brought back, much to the delight of Pittsburghers everywhere. While sold in grocery stores like Giant Eagle, it is worth picking up a carton or two. Flavors like White House Cherry, a nod to D.C.’s iconic cherry blossoms, and Maricopa, vanilla with butterscotch swirl, are divine. You can also catch Isaly’s ice cream at PNC Park and samples at area events this summer at the zoo, science center and more.

3. Sarris, Canonsburg

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

Sure, Sarris has delicious chocolates and candies, but their ice cream parlor is unparalleled. Enjoy rich and creamy shakes, old school banana splits, ice cream sodas and more in a vintage setting. Sundae toppings are so good it’s hard to choose just one! Their hard cap “shell” toppings in milk or dark chocolate or peanut butter make the magic of holiday candy year-round.

4. The Golden Nugget, Kennywood

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

There’s nothing like spending a long, hot day at Kennywood and stopping by the Golden Nugget for a premium vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and rolled in those salty crushed peanuts or colorful sprinkles. Often just a few times a year treat, the Golden Nugget is a Kennywood staple!

5. Scoops, Mt. Lebanon, Bloomfield, Brookline

delicious ice cream in Pittsburgh

Dubbed “your neighborhood ice cream shop,” scoops offers over 40 flavors of ice cream as well as a bakery and ice cream cakes. Festive cakes and cake pops as well as cupcakes and other treats are sold out of the three neighborhood shops. All the shops are open 7 days a week until 10 or 10:30 in the summertime.

We can’t wait to stop by these ice cream shops! Keep sharing your favorite ice cream shops in and around Pittsburgh, we may feature them in later posts this summer.


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