Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Monroeville


A Brief History of Monroeville

Monroeville is a city with home rule status (or one incorporated under its own unique charter) in Allegheny County and a suburb of Pittsburgh. Monroeville is home to just over 28,000 people. It was named for Joel Monroe, the first postmaster of the area. The community was incorporated as Patton Township in 1849. It didn’t become the Borough of Monroeville until 1951. The neighborhood finally ended up becoming a Home Rule Charter Municipality on May 21, 1974. According to the Census Bureau, Monroeville has a total area of 19.8 square miles. The age group in the majority in Monroeville is 45 to 64.

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Facts about Monroeville

Monroeville Mall is an important part of the community. Back in the ’60s, high-rise hotels were featured prominently in the neighborhood. In the late ’70s, U.S. Steel had a research lab in Monroeville. That lab employed almost 2,000. Monroeville has had many brushes with fame. In the former NBC show Scrubs, a doctor claimed that his family had settled in Monroeville. Dawn of the Dead was made in Monroeville Mall, which later spawned My Chemical Romance lyrics in the song “Early Sunsets over Monroeville.” Monroeville was also seen in the movies Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Adventureland. Stephen King’s 1983 novel Christine took place in a fictional Pittsburgh suburb that was next to the real Monroeville. Notable current and former Monroeville residents include comedian Andy Dick, the Steelers’ Cam Heyward, jazz organist Gene Ludwig and Marilyn Suzanne Miller, former writer for Saturday Night Live, The Odd Couple, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rhoda and more.

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