Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Collier Township

History of Collier Township

Collier Township is in Allegheny County, west of the city of Pittsburgh. Some of the earliest settlers in the township were named Ken Hutton, Isaac Walker, Gabriel Walker and James Ewing. Ewing was born in Maryland and emigrated west in the 1770s. The Walker brothers were born in Lancaster County, PA. Collier Township was built in June 1875 and actually included parts of Robinson and South Fayette Townships. The community got its name from the Hon. Frederick H. Collier, who was a county court judge. The first minutes recorded at a Collier Township meeting took place on December 18, 1911. In the summer of 1999, a flag and veterans monument was erected. On June 16, 2000, Collier celebrated its 125th year celebration.

Facts about Collier Township

Collier Township
Collection of Charlotte Dudt, PA

In the summer of 2012, Collier Township’s 12-year-old Little League team represented the state in the Little League World Series. On its way to the series, Collier didn’t lose a single game. The game was shown live on ESPN2. Most are married in Collier, with 58 percent married couples. The median family income in Collier is approximately $50,000. Collier’s educational system is provided by the Chartiers Valley School District.

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