Brighton Heights

Brighton Heights: A Neighborhood Rich in History and Community

Brighton Heights, a vibrant neighborhood nestled on the north side of Pittsburgh, PA, is a destination that offers a blend of historical charm and modern amenities. The area, with its distinctive zip code of 15212, is part of District 1 in the Pittsburgh City Council’s constituency, providing it with robust representation.

Location and Accessibility

The gateway to Brighton Heights, Brighton Heights Boulevard, lies opposite the historic McKees Rocks Bridge, and is conveniently accessible via Route 65, also known as the Ohio River Boulevard. The neighborhood is also home to the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire’s 35 Engine and 33 Truck (formerly 34 Truck).

Cultural Diversity and Architectural Excellence

Originally a predominantly German area, has evolved into a multicultural hub over the years. The architectural marvels of the neighborhood are a testament to its rich history. The community boasts numerous stately early 20th Century homes and churches, constructed from stone and brick, featuring intricate woodwork, fireplaces, and beautiful stained glass windows.

The architectural beauty of Brighton Heights is so renowned that the neighborhood is often featured in Pittsburgh’s annual house tours, underlining the quality and variety of its built environment.

This Pittsburgh Neighborhood was spotlighted in a 2006 issue of Pittsburgh magazine in an article titled “No Place Like Home: 10 Neighborhoods you need to know about.” This feature further underlined the appeal of this unique neighborhood.

Lush Greenery and Recreational Facilities

Brighton Heights is a green oasis within the city. Its streets are adorned with large maple trees, maintained by the City of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood offers plenty of recreational opportunities to its residents and visitors with facilities like the adjacent Riverview Park, the Jack Stack pool, and the Marmaduke Playground.


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Known for it’s early 20th Century architecture of large brick and stone stately homes, the area is a frequent feature of many of Pittsburgh’s seasonal walking and house tours.  A mix of large, beautiful Victorian homes as well as more modern architecture welcomes visitors.  The area’s streets are lined with large maple trees, and many recreational areas such as the adjacent Riverview Park, the Jack Stack pool, and Marmaduke Playground.

Surrounding Neighborhoods

Brighton Heights shares its borders with four areas – Ross Township to the north, Bellevue to the northwest, and the Pittsburgh neighborhoods of Perry North to the east, and Marshall-Shadeland from the south to the west.

Brighton Heights Citizens Federation

The Brighton Heights Citizens Federation (BHCF) is a volunteer-led community organization that has been working since 1967 to improve the neighborhood and the quality of life for its residents. The BHCF hosts annual events like The Memorial Day Tribute, Bright the Night, The Halloween Parade, and The House Tour. The organization also maintains about a dozen community flower gardens and hosts two community cleanup events every year.

Transportation Facilities

The neighborhood is well served by public transportation. It falls within “zone 1” of the city’s public transit system. The bus lines serving the neighborhood include the 13, 14, 16, and 17.

Unique City Steps

The neighborhood is known for its 11 distinct flights of city steps. All the steps are open and in safe condition, offering pedestrians quick connections to public transportation and an easy way to navigate the neighborhood.

Bridges in Brighton Heights

The neighborhood is also home to two significant bridges – the Davis Avenue Bridge and the Wilksboro Bridge. The Davis Avenue Bridge, opened in 1899, directly connected Brighton Heights with Riverview Park in the Perry North neighborhood. However, after decades of deterioration and lack of funds for repair, it was demolished in 2009. The Wilksboro Bridge, a footbridge, is currently closed with plans for a new one in progress.

Brighton Heights is not just a neighborhood; it’s a community that cherishes its past, appreciates its present, and looks forward to the future. From its beautiful architecture to its lush greenery and community activities, this historic neighborhood has something to offer everyone.

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