Pittsburgh Neighborhoods: History of Regent Square

A Brief History of Regent Square

history of Regent Square

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Regent Square is a neighborhood located in the East End of Pittsburgh. It has an active community association, one of the most active in the city. The history of Regent Square begins with landowners in the late 18th and 19th centuries, including Colonel Dunning McNair and Judge William Watkins. Regent Square got its name from William E. Harmon (Harmon Realty). He acquired it in 1919 when it was known as the Devon Plan. First Harmon called the neighborhood Regent Place then later decided on the current name. The area was a quiet suburb by the ’50s and many of its residents worked for Westinghouse. The neighborhood did and still does have an Irish flair in a nod to its original residents (look closely at the names of business along Braddock Ave.).

Facts About Regent Square

history of Regent Square

This vibrant neighborhood is home to many of Pittsburgh’s medical and educational professionals. At the same time, many students and young people have moved to the area as well, as Regent Square is close to Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh. It invokes a village-like feel, with its tree-lined sidewalks and homes with porches. Many graduate students choose Regent Square to reside in due to the affordability of rental housing in the area.

The history of Regent Square is one that is tied closely to the history of Pittsburgh itself.

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