Pittsburgh Suburbs: History of Glen Osborne

A Brief History of Glen Osborne

Glen Osborne is a borough in Allegheny County along the Ohio River. The area that now contains the borough was first surveyed by a man named Nathaniel Breading post Revolutionary War. Early area settlers were named Henry Pratt and James Park in the late 1700s and early 1800s. The area then became known as “Glen Osborne,” with the glen meaning a Scottish name for a valley formed by a stream, and “Osborne” for a local landowner named Frank Osborne. The Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad was built through what was then part of Pitt and Ohio Townships. A station opened called “Osborne” to prevent confusion from another named station that was quite similar. In 1883, the borough of Osborne was incorporated, then in 2008 borough officials petitioned to rename the borough Glen Osborne, going back to its roots.

Facts about Glen Osborne

Osborne has three borders, including Sewickley, Aleppo and Haysville. It is also near Coraopolis and Moon Twp. As of the 2000 census, there were 566 people in the borough, with 216 households. Most couples in Glen Osborne are married couples living together with children 18 and younger. The average family size is 2.97. The median age is 44 years for Glen Osborne.

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